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In Conversation with: Sumit Chatterjee (AIR-14, CLAT-2017)

The ecstasy of having made it to the law school of your dreams is something that few can claim to have experienced. And I feel honoured to be one of the few who can. But what everyone who has made it to the law school of their dreams will tell you is that it takes a lot of dedication and effort to get there and there are no shortcuts to get there. Being regular in your preparation and consistent with your practice will definitely lead you to your dream law school.

Mock tests are imperative to your preparation and are of paramount importance. It is crucial that you identify your strengths and weaknesses because you can plan your study schedule accordingly. Another aspect which you can strengthen by giving mock tests is your time management for CLAT. Formulate different strategies on how you will approach the paper according to your strengths and weaknesses till you find the one where you can manage your time most efficiently without compromising on accuracy. The strategy that worked for me was giving my weak sections like maths and logical reasoning the maximum amount of time but ensuring that I get most of the questions correct and giving my stronger sections like English and Legal reasoning a relatively lesser amount of time and make sure that I could capitalise efficiently on these sections.

For individual sections, I would recommend that you give a CLAT diagnostic mock test to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and form a study schedule accordingly. For English, work on improving your vocabulary as well as your reading speed by reading newspaper editorials, articles etc. Also ensure that you practice many reading comprehensions and also keep revising topics like cloze tests, para jumbles etc. For maths and logical reasoning, the eternal truth that is practice practice practice is very much applicable and essential. Legal aptitude questions are usually on similar lines to the one asked in the past year NLS Bangalore, NALSAR and NUJS papers so make sure that you properly solve the past year’s papers. Another trend that you will observe with the legal reasoning questions is that they are very often based on past case laws so reading up these cases will also help immensely. For GK, it is necessary to be regular with your preparation. As there is a lot to be read, memorised and understood, you should set small targets and try to achieve them in a specific timeframe. For example, you could take a topic of static GK like modern Indian history and try to finish it in one week. Preparing current affairs can be a very arduous endeavour but you should consider referring to different sources. You could consult online portals like gktoday and jagran josh or make notes from the newspapers or you might even think that the material provided by your coaching( if you attend one) is sufficient. That would depend on you. But the most pivotal thing for GK is that you have to be consistent.

There will be days when you will feel that your preparation is not going satisfactorily, or you will feel disheartened and demotivated altogether. This is the juncture where you have to work harder than ever, because, as is rightly said,

               “ In the middle of adversity  lies opportunity”

Reinvigorate your zeal to make it to your dream law school and that will be motivation enough. You will be walking through the hallowed corridors of your dream law school soon enough, just make sure that you put all your effort in and be determined to achieve your goals.

In the end, here’s wishing all those aspiring to write the CLAT and AILET Exam in 2018 the best. Just keep working hard and aiming high and then you will definitely make your dreams a reality. The following words by William Ernest Henley served as a source of inspiration for me and I hope they will for you too.

                  “ It matters not how strait the gate,

                   How charged with punishments the scroll

                  I am the master of my fate:

                 I am the captain of my soul.

We’d like to thank Sumit Chatterjee(AIR 14, CLAT-2017) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences. Congratulations Sumit and we wish you the best for your future endeavours!

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