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5 Tips to Ensure a Better Performance in CLAT

One thing that haunts most of the CLAT aspirants is finishing paper on time i.e. completing 200 questions in 120 minutes. But taking on an approach with proper strategies can certainly help you crack it.

Here  are 5 Efficient Techniques to help you score better:

  • Set Daily or Weekly Goals: Develop a game plan for studies as we do for games. Setting goals by making a proper timetable and implementing it greatly helps. At the outset, it might be difficult to follow schedule but if constantly done it becomes a part of our study routine.
    During preparation, we tend to read a lot of stuff that is completely irrelevant. So, filter out the unimportant and focus on the important especially when short of time. It is advisable to cover all the subjects at least once a week or as suitable.
  • Work with a strategy while taking mocks: Always keep a strategy in mind before taking a mock i.e. time allotted to each section and sequence to be followed. Going without it is like driving a car without knowing your destination. Initially, you can experiment different strategies but by end try to apply the particular strategy you are most comfortable with.
    While taking a mock, BE SACROSANCT i.e. stick to the time you decided to give to each section. It builds a pressure on you to complete the mock on time.
    Avoid attempting your worst section at the end as with decreasing time you get more anxious to attempt the section you are not good at. On the other hand, go for a strong section in the beginning, it gives you a good start and boosts your morale.
  • Learn to leave difficult questions: Ideally, one should read but must not attempt all the questions. The questions to be left must be either difficult or the one you don’t know. It certainly increases accuracy, score and saves time. Leaving either an easy question or the one you know is the stupidest mistake ever.
    Never plan to completely leave a section in exam (like Mathematics). It is never fixed which section will be easy or difficult. You might loose out on a lot in case the section you left turned out to be the easiest and vice versa.
    Never be disheartened with a difficult paper or elated with an easy paper. Always remember paper is constant. Whether easy or difficult, it is same for everyone. Answer in a calculated way if a particular section comes to be quite difficult.
  • Keep Practicing: Practice is a key to success. The more you practice, the better your result will be possibly. It doesn’t mean you go crazy behind practicing. Do as much as you can. Please don’t freak out by number of books your mates have completed. It does not really matter as long as your concepts are clear with decent practice (Solving CLAT and AILET past year papers’ helps). Never forget to take short breaks while studying at a stretch. It definitely increases your efficiency and keeps you moving.
  • Revision and Mock Analysis Prerequisite: Keeping focus on completing more and more books and skipping revision is one of the most common mistakes done. Advisable is to study less number of books but properly and with constant revision. Studying subjects especially like G.K. and vocabulary turns out to be of very little use without revision.
    Another blunder committed is just taking n number of mocks and tests and avoiding analysis. Remember, writing a mock turns out to be extremely futile without analyzing it as you don’t get to know your mistakes and end up repeating it again. Properly evaluate the tests taken, find out and then work on the topics you think you are still not clear with.

With just around 50 days left for D-Day, it is normal for many of us to get anxious. To avoid it, do something that you like (like reading a good book). Some of you might consider it as wastage of time but trust me it’s not. You will feel way more energetic and productive to study.

In last days, try to take a mock at the same exam time as of CLAT as it helps you get accustomed.

If you happen to freak out during exam, sit back, take a deep breath for few seconds, think everything is normal and start again.

Stop regretting about the time wasted in the past. You can nail it even by starting now.

Hope it helps. Good Luck.

We’d like to thank Ayushi Bansal (Batch 2021, NALSAR) for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences with all of us.

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