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Never give up: Sumit Kumar Gupta (AIR 4, CLAT 2017)

We recently got an opportunity to interview Mr. Sumit Kumar Gupta who secured a meritorious AIR-4 in CLAT 2017 and AIR-10 in AILET 2017. A hardworking and passionate student, and a law enthusiast who is always calm and composed to the core. A hard working lad, Sumit also secured AIR-322 in CLAT 2016 and joined NLU, Jodhpur had to drop out for some undisclosed personal reasons. He had always had his focus clear on the civil services. Here’s what this optimist has to say about his experience:

1) How does it feel to achieve an all India rank 4 in CLAT 2017, and having been allotted such a prestigious law college in the country?

It feels great to be at this height. It’s a dream for almost all CLAT aspirants to come in the top 10 and so I think it gives me an extra responsibility to do better in law school. One should always remember that with a higher rank comes a greater responsibility.

2) What motivated you to give CLAT again after securing a place in NLU, Jodhpur in 2016?

After the fiasco at NLU-J, I lost my appetite to do any greater thing in life. But, my mother was always there to back me up and helped me in every possible way. Life at law school and what follows afterwards always fascinated me. I think this was another reason why I chose to give CLAT again. In addition, NLUs gives an excellent platform to discover our latent potential. So, above all, I would say that it was a sagacious decision to reappear for CLAT in 2017.

3) You had to make some difficult choices in your life regarding your college and career preferences. How did you come to a resolution?

Leaving NLU-J was the toughest choice I have ever made in my life. But then, I also realized that there is always a scope for improvement. No matter what I have achieved till date, I can always improve in an impressive way given the onus of doing anything diligently. I tried to analyze my strengths and then started working on them, and soon I realized that this is the best thing I can do to my life. And this analysis helped me come to a resolution and I made a firm decision. Moreover, getting into the right path and then securing such a great rank came as a huge relief for me.

4) What advice would you like to give to law aspirants who would be appearing in various law exams next year?

I would like to tell the young aspirants that you plan your daily routine properly and stick to your routine. That doesn’t mean that you will only study. You can also involve yourself in the recreational activities but in a limit. Always try to stretch yourself to the maximum so that you can gain many things. Try reading newspaper on a daily basis as it will serve twin purpose i.e. improving your General Knowledge and English. Study religiously so that you won’t be regretting afterwards. Be focused and try taking as many mocks as you can and then analyzing them for the next 2-3 hours. It will give you an extra edge as you will come to realize your weaknesses and strengths. So, the basic strategy is that, sweat more in peace and bleed less in war. May the almighty help you prepare in a sensible and a prudent way.

5) How do you plan to proceed in future to prepare best for UPSC as well as do well in College?

I plan to focus only on college academic for the initial leg of my stint at the law school and I would like to stretch myself to the maximum so that I would be able to prepare an optional paper for CSE. In addition, the various dimensions of law school will give me an extra edge over others .
By the time I graduate from law school, I am speculating that I will be able to cover GS-4, GS-1(major part) and GS-2.
Rest I will prepare accordingly.

5) Any other thing you would like to share with the law aspirants?

Yes, there will be times when everything may not be going in your favour and that is the time in which you need to hold your nerves and work religiously. I would tell you about one incident from my personal experience. After the AILET exam, I cried like hell just because I thought that my exam didn’t go well. Though, it’s a different thing that I passed that too with an AIR-10. Therefore, never give up.

Thereafter, I focused on CLAT only and the rest is history. So, always be calm and placid in your approach. CLAT will just not only check your memorising skills but it covers a wide range of topics, with ups and downs and emotional breakdowns. So, always prefer a holistic approach and then you will be at the top of the world.

Till then, bon vivant and au revoir.

We’d like to thank Sumit Kumar Gupta(AIR 4, CLAT-2017) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences.

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