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About Us

Are you a connoisseur of law? Do you have an interest in legal affairs? Are you amongst the thousands who are hunting for a good law college? Are you industriously and tirelessly studying for law exams? Do you have opinions about your law school and want to share them with others?

If you can categorize yourself under any of these questions, then you need not stumble upon anywhere anymore, for you’ve come across the right place. This website is for you. This insider is for you. We are for you.

Collegesnoops is an initiative and a venture where law aspirants, law students and legal professionals can share their opinions on a wide range of themes and topics. You can write to us about your law school experience, what you feel are the good things and shortcomings of your law school, or maybe the most bizarre, or what you think could be done to make your law school better. More than aiming to provide an insider to what happens inside a law school, our philosophy is to reach out to you, so that the voice of the lawyer inside you is heard. Here, you can talk, debate and discuss about current legal affairs, or what you feel could be improved about the judiciary or law as a career. We value your opinions and perspective and are willing to provide you a platform to share the same. Eventually, We will also try to approach and bring in views of eminent legal professionals and publicists on the vivid field of law.

So, if you have anything to share, please feel free and comfortable to write to us. We will get back to you. We will hear you and let others hear you.

P.S.: Collegesnoops is working on something colossal. We believe that it will help several law aspirants, and would be a great initiative on our part. So stay tuned!

Keep up with the updates at our official Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/collegesnoops/

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