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Cheat Sheet for CLAT Preparations (Tips)

Yes, You read that right. We are going to give you certain tips which might just add up at least 10 marks in your CLAT score if you’re not implementing these tips already.

There are numerous coaching institutes out there for CLAT, almost all serving the same material to their students. Same questions, Same preparation material, and same paper. Then why is it is that some of the people are able to crack the exam when they haven’t been preparing for more than a month? They work smart. Most of them get lucky in the paper, but you too can have the same luck with your preparations. Follow these tips, which are based on experiences of Many NLU students.

  1. Say it LOUD! “I will solve all the daily quiz on gktoday.in”.Yes, to prepare for current GK there isn’t any better website than gktoday.in! They make material for IAS aspirants. In past years, students have seen questions being copied from those questions, and pasted straight in CLAT! Not only this, they give 10 ques for each day (2 days at times) but then if you do the rough math, that makes it 300 questions for the month! Do these questions from December/November (at least 3 times before the D day) about all the important things going around the world. Don’t be surprised to see that the worksheet that your coaching uses, is straight from the website as well. If you’re bad at GK, these questions alone can add 10 points to your final score.
  2. Maths is your friend.
    If you read the questions well and analyse the answers thoroughly, options can simply be rejected. Its not the question but the options provided which makes easy to choose the correct answer. Many a times the options are simply illogical. Which makes it easier for you to guess the answer. Also, the option with an easy value has higher probability of being the right one as the framers of the question would also wan’t the calculations to be fairly easy.
  3. Thoroughly solve and analyze the past year question papers.
    Organizer don’t usually make new questions for every CLAT, there is a high chance of repition of the legal reasoning questions as well as legal GK. Also, Legal reasoning questions are based on actual cases. There aren’t many landmark cases which can be used for the purposes of your exam. Which reduced the options of reasoning questions to a few cases. They are repeated every now and then and thus, analysis of previous year’s question papers comes handy in limiting your efforts.
  4. Give as many competitive papers for law before CLAT.
    If there is anything that is considered important in the current happening around the world, the chances are that the same might be repeated in CLAT. It will also put you under the same pressure as you may feel during the exam. Many students, after the exam, claim that few AILET questions were repeated in CLAT. Keep an eye on such papers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take a ‘CALCULATED’ risk.
    Not many people will advice you this because of the negative marking. If you are able to negate, lets say, 2 options as a probable answer will all your confidence, Go ahead and attempt it. Chances are that if you choose to take the risk in 10 questions, you’ll be able to score few more marks then the usual. because your 1 correct fluke will compensate for 4 other such attempts. Mathematically, odd are in your favor.
  6. Reduce your efforts for Static GK.
    If you are bad at GK, static GK is not for you then. Focus on the past year papers as those questions are usually repeated. Also, you might get an Idea about the important people, events and other such topics which might reduce your efforts and help you to get that extra time to prepare for Legal Reasoning, Reasoning and Maths. Learn to eliminate the options, ask your friends who are appearing for Engineering exams, they do it very often to clear their exams.
  7. During the paper keep your cool.
    If the paper is tough for you, it is tough for the rest of the aspirants as well. If its easy for you, chances are that paper is easy for your competitors also. So, don’t mess up your thought process and be a victim of surprises by organizers of CLAT. They are famous for doing so. To supplement the same, You can check out the cutoff of the CLAT 2015 and 2016, 2016 being relatively very easy witnessed a hike of about 50 marks from 2015.

Now that you know some of these tips, go ahead and prepare. cut that large portion of worthless material out and believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid of the paper. You’ll be just fine!

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