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CLAT | Keep Yourself Motivated: Apoorv Dixit (Batch of 2022, NALSAR)

Whether it’s the iPhone my mom promised to gift me (presuming that I won’t be able to make it to NALSAR, she took the risk) ,or the surprisingly emotional talks with my colonel-like father, my dada-dadi’s wish to see me becoming successful in life or my nana-nani’s innocent assurance to give me 500 bucks as a temptation to encourage me to study harder…from stalking photo booth NALSAR to having NALSAR‘s image as my wallpaper,  I always had some or the other thing which constantly motivated me to work harder (smarter, if you are preparing for CLAT).

Having said that I will stressfully assert the point that ‘motivation’ is something that is one of the essential ingredients in the preparation of any type of examination. Having a role model is one other thing which helps you to accelerate your speed towards your goal, who in my case was my sister who is an ex-NALSARite.

So you guys would’ve come across many articles, CLAT preparation tips telling you to devote a decent number of hours to the preparation, drinking a GK potion (how I wish there existed one), memorising all those constitutional articles and sections of IPC. Of course, these things are instrumental in the preparation, and you can’t do without practising certain MATH problems, going through some important general knowledge facts and practising critical reading questions, but along with all this, you need to work smartly and not like a jackass.


You can always figure out some important topics in all the subjects.Whether it’s the math section or the general knowledge section, there are certain portions out of which questions are asked most frequently. (subscribe to CollegeSnoops to know more (Chuckles)). So “SMART STUDY” should be your topmost priority during this one year of preparation.

The most important thing towards CLAT preparation is attempting mocks. Some students feel that mocks should be taken at the final stage of the preparation but believe me when I tell you that giving mocks from day 1 embodies a confidence that’ll help you face any kind of final examination. At the same time, giving mocks without any preparation isn’t a very great idea either because the low scores might lead to disillusionment. There exists a need to balance the two sides of the coin to gain optimum practice in minimal time.

You, of course, are not expected to be in front of your books for 14 hours and becoming a book worm (shit! you will soon become one after coming to a law school! So sit back, relax, study efficiently and no wonder that you will make it to one of the topmost NLUs ( but for that you need to have a crystal clear goal in front of you that motivates you consistently as I already mentioned).

Not preaching much, just one last piece of advice to you all is that whether you are able to make it to your dream college or not, never get demotivated. As cliché as it may sound but it is actually true that one piece of question paper on one fine day is not going to make your entire life better or worse. As Lord Krishna rightfully puts it “karma karte jaao, fal ki chinta mat karo“.

So all the best for this journey of your CLAT prep towards your dream college. Looking forward to seeing some of you soon at NALSAR.

We’d like to thank Apoorv Dixit (Batch 2022, NALSAR) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences.

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