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MOCKS! That’s the right way- CLAT

Since CLAT is around the corner and there is approx. There is something very important to understand for all the test takers out there. Whether or not we are done with our preparations or not, it is crucial that mock tests are attempted on a weekly basis by anyone who wishes to get a good college. The best way to overcome fear of Online CLAT is to get tortured as many times till you feel the comfort. You’ll come across various examples when you reach college! Your friends would become a victim of the same. People tend to panic and inspite of being prepared more than others, they let the pressure take over and BAM! They don’t perform well.

Mocks provide good practice and are a barometer to judge your abilities, the first real look and feel of the examination. It is important to take these tests in right earnest since they are good indicators of how you would fare in the examination. They also indicate your strong and weak section and hence become really important to take mocks regularly and from the very start. Let’s say you are not at par with others in Legal Reasoning, or say Logical, they form a major part of the exam and hence, you can not simply let these sections go.

Apart from the tests you find in the coaching material, independent bodies also organize mock tests a few days before the actual test, which can bring you closer to the real test environment as they are administered in halls with several candidates sitting together under one roof. Try to take tests under simulated conditions, take the entire two-hour test in one sitting and don’t make the environment too comfy if you give the test at home. I know a lot of people who were sweating throughout the paper and still are in the premier institutes. That should and could not become an excuse.

Before beginning a test, make sure that you are free over the next two hours and no one around you is going to disturb you do not keep any other sheet of paper for rough work except the test booklet itself. Use the spare space on the booklet for rough calculations. In the actual examinations one 1 paper is provided for calculations and there is a lot of space crunch. Try and finish all your calculations in the minimum space.

Track scores over the course preparation phase, you would end up encountering around 30 mock tests and possibly a couple of other mock tests organised by external bodies. Scoring should be consistent in all sections of the test as scores of all sections are taken into account while short-listing candidates. As you progress in your schedule, scoring trends should steadily increase. If they are not, try to work on the weak links. It is very important to pay particular attention to the solutions for the questions that you got wrong.

Analyse reasons for getting them wrong — incorrect interpretation of instructions, a careless mistake or a fundamental error. Keep in mind these errors made and avoid them in future tests. Not more than 3-4 marks are going to determine your fate and the respect and package you get. 3 marks more can land you up in the best institutes.

It is also advised to try and keep the time for mocks 10 mins shorter than the 2 hour duration. Firstly, it will give you some time to recheck and, Secondly, In case you lose some time because of those stupid computer systems which these centers usually have, You won’t panic as you are used to finishing mocks in lesser time.

Consider using it in future tests, if you find the approach better, easier and quicker approach to solve questions. Try and keep up the accuracy along with attempting as many questions as you can. Compare scores comparing scores with other aspirants attempting the mock tests gives a measure of abilities and chances in the examination. if you are doing better than your peers in the mock tests, there are reasons to be satisfied.

Continue working at the same pace towards the exams. however, if you are lagging behind, make efforts to improve scoring by working on weak areas. Mock tests form a key part of the preparation. Track your scores and evaluate performance after each test that you take. Build on the weak areas as you identify them after each test and ensure that these mistakes are not repeated. A consistent approach in test taking and reviewing your performance in each of these tests is bound to build discipline and give promising results.

I personally would recommend  beginning with one- two mock tests during your initial phase of preparation. This will help you in assessing your preparation level. As you proceed to your next level of preparation, your number of mock tests also needs to increase with this. During final phase of preparation, the mock test numbers ought to reach 10 a week.

Good Luck and May the Force be with you!

We’d like to thank Arnav Bose (Batch 2022, NUJS) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us.

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