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Dear General Knowledge -CLAT

“Dear General Knowledge, please don’t be a badass, stay in my memory at least till CLAT”

The depth of this one sentence can be understood by no one better than a CLAT aspirant. You can have a tryst with your destiny to crack CLAT with flying colours only if this stumbling stone called G.K. budges from your way, right? General Knowledge as the name makes it clear  is way too generic, from Akbar’s wars to Einstein theories anything can be covered within the ambit of this section I am sure most of you must be tormented by the vastness of  this  one section where you are in an one sided relationship with this subject because you want to commit to this subject but the subject doesn’t seem to commit to your memories. Haha, I understand your struggle mate, been there done that. So here are some quick tips which you can incorporate to let your relationship with GK last longer.

  1. Make notes, reading newspapers and magazines is something everyone would suggest you but if you have to be one step ahead of the thousands of other students trying to fight for that one seat you are aiming at, you have to do things a bit differently. Making notes will help in your revision in the last some days before the CLAT exam when you will occupied analyzing your mock scores or seeking divine intervention to help you sail through the exam.
  2. Topics which are difficult for you to retain, make a chart and stick it in your room. Waking up to those haunting G.K. questions is not something any of us want but CLAT! And trust me it’s a tried method, it will surely help you to retain, at least something.
  3. To all those people preparing to write their boards, I understand it must be a next to impossible task to continue with the CLAT studies along with writing your board exams but one thing which my teachers suggested me and I am glad I implemented it, is to take out merely 15-20 minutes of your day to brush up your general knowledge trivia because like we all know GK is a ditcher, you wouldn’t even realize how smoothly and conveniently it will drain out of your mind if you leave it for a few months without  even giving a warning to you.
  4. For static GK, most of you are under this impression that you have to read everything but that’s not the case mate. Analyze the past year papers religiously, understand which areas are the frequently asked areas and prepare accordingly. There are recurring questions from topics like Indian National Movement in History so you know you have to emphasize this area more than any other Ancient History topic let’s say. Strategize tour preparation, it’s very important.
  5. It would be hard to say what is a perfect score in GK since it largely depends on the difficulty level of questions but aim at a score of 30-35 at least, to be in the race. And in spite of relentless hard work, you are unable to improve your score, don’t get too disillusioned, I understand for some of us GK is just not our cup of tea but to balance it out you must do better in the other subjects. For me I knew I wasn’t all that good at Maths in fact, I sucked and despite of putting in efforts my score wasn’t exceptionally good, but I knew my forte was GK so I tried scoring as much as I could in this area The mantra is keep toiling, don’t leave any stone unturned and don’t let any third force like GK come between you and your dreams. There is no substitute to hard work, if you want to be the best you must do things differently than the rest. All the best!

We’d like to thank Srija Kumar (Batch 2020, NALSAR) for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences with all of us. 

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