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Expectations will Fall Short: CNLU

Having completed a year at CNLU, I often look back at the cherishable memories I’ve made here. I remember myself as a hesitating teen, coming to this college with the hope of college life happening to me and so far, CNLU hasn’t disappointed me.

The college, situated at a 5-minute distance from the railway station and 10 minutes from the city is something that’s always of help as nothing is too far from here. The campus, clean and green is the first thing that’s appealing about CNLU, the greenery in the middle of the city is something you don’t expect.

The battlefields (classes) are more than satisfactory with air conditioned and smart classes, the administrative and the academic block is pretty much decent when you talk about it. The Nishant Nilayam i.e. the library which functions from 9 to 9 is equipped with pretty much everything you need to tackle the semesters.

The classes here run from 9 to 1 (yes, much less than what you would’ve expected) thus giving you ample room to engage yourself in a lot of extracurricular activities like debating, which is a religion here at CNLU and the debaters are the celebrities.

Talking about the place you’ll be spending most of your time here I.e. the hostels, they are actually decent and as you enter the hostel first two things you see (apart from the warden’s office which is obviously ignored) are what your body needs that is a well-equipped gym(though you might lack the dedication) and the mess ( umm, unsatisfying at times) however, the hostel provides for all the basic things you need. With two people in a room the atmosphere is really amicable and at CNLU, people live like a family. There’s also provision for single rooms ( get good grades for it ).

For the sports enthusiasts here you’ll be offered an array of sports like volleyball, football and whatnot and with a premier league for every sport, rest assured, you’ll get your chance of showing off your skills.

At CNLU, you’re close to everything, you’re close to food because of the proximity of the land of Litti Chokha, close to studies, close to sports and with 3 exams every semester, close to losing your semester as well( winks).

CNLU will always keep you engaged in something or the other and the college life, though not the best, is still satisfying.

So rest assured, if you’re coming here, it’s going to be fun.

We’d like to thank Ankit Singh (Batch 2021, CNLU) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences.

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