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Experience- NALSAR University of Law

NALSAR University of Law, a dream college for many of us ,a dream that turned into reality for me after CLAT’15. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say joining NALSAR was one life changing event for me, not because it is one of the best law schools of the country but because of the marvelous learning and exposure I witnessed here. To all those who made it to NALSAR this year or dream to make it to NALSAR in future, here’s a sneak peek into the life at NALSAR to assuage your curiosity which might help you a bit hopefully.

Naturally like most of the people I too had a tinge of despondence on not having made it to NLS, Bangalore initially but that feeling soon dispelled when I came to NALSAR Don’t worry I wouldn’t get into the NALSAR Vs. NLS debate here,I would entirely talk about my personal experience at NALSAR so that you get a hang of certain things. The memory of first stepping into this institution is still so fresh and vivid in my mind. I was amazed and awestruck to see the beautiful campus firstly. One thing that every Nalsarite would vouch for is the exquisite and bewitching beauty of the campus that would leave any soul enamored. Soon my overwhelming excitement faded into oblivion when I discovered the tension on the faces of people regarding the ‘positive interaction’ or to put it bluntly ragging . But with time I understood this ‘positive interaction’ is a must as long it is not exceeding a certain level of dignity since it helps you to know your seniors whose guidance you need extensively during your law school stint.

Coming to the most important aspect ,the Food ( at least it is the most important for me, depends on priorities :D). The mess food is fairly decent, don’t expect a 5 star hotel menu or Ghar ka Khana that is certainly going to disappoint you but otherwise if you keep your expectations a bit low the food isn’t that bad and we have two-three places to eat within the campus in case you wish to take a break from the regular mess food. One drawback which many people who have been to NALSAR would mention is that the college is completely on the outskirts of the city so for the people who are used to clubbing, partying and shopping might have a tough time. But if you see the better part it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city without much of pollution in a serene ambiance. So you’ll have to trade-off one thing for another.

Talking about the academic schedule, the academic schedule might seem hectic in the first year because of not being able to manage time which happened with me as well. But gradually you learn to manage time and it doesn’t seem that grueling. We get five types of projects, one in each subject so basically there are five submissions in total which includes a research paper also in a semester. So there is ample of time if you want to devote to other activities like mooting ad debating. The essential lesson I learnt was that law school is nothing but an act of time management. The more efficiently you manage time, the better you shine. And trust me there are ample of opportunities for you to prove your mettle so if you manage your time well you can actually do wonders. But there will also be times when you would question your abilities doubt your worth or when you would simply want to give up on everything looking at the incredible pressure to do better than the rest. These are the times that would bring out the best in you if you persistently strive. The competition here would push you to evolve for better but again for that you must have a sanguine approach. One golden lesson that I learnt in this span of one year at my college is that one shouldn’t give a damn about the opinions of others if you want to do good in life because at the end of the day you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t even try to. As long as you’re working hard towards your goals in the right direction, the fickle judgements of people around you shouldn’t matter and trust me you will always find at least a few people who would appreciate. So to all the juniors and other people eyeing for NALSAR, trust me it is indeed worth the effort, it would change your life for better I believe, like it did mine.

We’d like to thank Srija Kumar (Batch 2020, NALSAR) for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences with all of us. 

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