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Hunt for a Backup – new law college, bharati vidyapeeth, pune

What everyone has in their mind before they join a college when it’s not one of the NLU’s? Yeah, you got it right its rank. BVP has maintained its rank among the top 10 private colleges in India and its rank has been continuously improving. Naturally like most of the people I too had a tinge of despondence on not having made it to NLU but after having look at the ranking I really thought what if I couldn’t make it to NLU’s what I got is NLC when you look at it there is only difference of “u” & “c” jokes apart there is no comparison between NLU and NLC , BVP ‘s law college is widely known as New Law College(NLC) , located in the heart of city law branch is having its own campus in Kothrude , most of the people mistake it to be a part of KATRAJ campus which is far bigger than kothrude campus.


The first and most common dissatisfaction every student has when it comes to campus life in nlc is that campus is really small, well my school campus was far bigger than my college campus. The size of campus appalled me when I first stepped on the campus. Our college is home to management, pharmacy, the most famous More Vidyalaya and our very own new law college. Don’t be surprised at the sight of our campus being recognized more by the name of MORE VIDYALAYA instead of BVP. New law college has A+ rate, Law College of BVDU has excellent 6 storied infrastructure with library ,cyber cell ,e-cell, gym, you got to know this 2 lifts in which 1 is permanently out of service. The library is really well-equipped and well-maintained, the cyber cell and moot court have separate halls to them and are well made as well. There is a projector in every class and would you believe it, they actually work. The fully-functional auditorium can accommodate 700 students at a time.


Well for every student living far away from home main concern is the food what you really gonna miss in pune the most is “home made” food but don’t worry you have ample of options when it comes to food and wada pav being the most common after all its Maharashtra . There are a number of colleges in this campus, and they all share a common canteen. From the outside, it seems pretty big, but only once you enter and see the multitudes of students inside, you realize how tiny it is for the number of people it caters to. At the beginning you may enjoy the food because its quiet reasonable and average but students usually prefer to go outside even during recess. DURGA CAFE , chaitanya ,heavens, mamta paratha being the favorite when you want to break the regular mess food taste . The extremely popular Durga Coffee is a very common hangout, and students will never cease to remind you that they go only to the ‘original’ Durga. Apart from that, you can always find people in the Deccan area, as well as the regular suspects like McDonalds and Dominoes, which are nearby.


A BIG issue stood right in front of me. The university didn’t provide any hostels for all law students ,they had to make their own arrangements. Luckily someone told me about the various options available when it came to accommodation for both boys and girls which may or may not provide food along with accommodation but you got various options for mess . You can get various PG’s for both boys and girls nearby and hostels too among which SARASWATI and POPCORN being the common choice among first timers in pune for girls . If you get campus hostel than god help you with the adjustment you would have to make with the quality of food being provided.

Academics and faculty

Two courses are offered when it comes to 5 years course BBA LLB and BA LLB . 10 semesters with 5-6 subjects depending on the semester. . That means one needs to get through 60 subjects by clearing 75% attendance (you can manage, don’t worry), Mid sems-End Sems and 2 unit tests per semester or internals what grown ups call it .
One thing you can surely boast about is the enthusiastic dean and principle that our college has. The faculty is a blend of brilliant and average teachers just as you will see in every institute ‘ your luck which one you come across. Faculty is really friendly and are always there to help and guide you , it totally depends on you how much you use their knowledge and whet yourself . We have regular guest lectures mostly by judges and reputed lawyers from all over India .

There is a library which suffices all the journals, good authored books, newspapers and what not. There are 5 classes on a 6 day schedule, starts at 1:30 ends at 5:30 for first year students , every year has a different timing and that’s one of the reason you don’t get to see much of seniors and after you have burned all the midnight oil for your exams you get a 1- 2 month break, for internship, after a 4-monthed semester.


Attendance is not an issue here , even though your 5 marks are based on you attendance but I guess you can manage 75% easily.

Student Participation.
When I was in first semester I was bored like anything with nothing to do other than studies and felt like “ KAHAN AGAYI MAI” but it was in second semesters I had a lot of moot court competitions , work shops , both inter college and intra college queued up making it difficult for me to choose which one to attend because all of them seemed worth going. New law college is known for hosting some of the very famous moot court competitions like SURANA AND SURANA MOOT COURT COMPETITION , P.N. BHAGWATI INTERNATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION judged by judges of high courts and supreme courts itself . Well you may not recognize the names right now but once you get into a law college you definitely want to be a part of it. New law college has its own cultural fest .
College has a basketball court in campus , table tennis , chess etc in sports room with equipments . Students playing basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton is a common sight once you enter the college premises . Every year intra college sports week is held , giving students a variety of options to explore and unravel there sporting spirit .

How do we chillax?

Just because its Pune you gonna be outnumbered by options available . Pune is famous for its night life , and once you become a Punekar LONAVALA and LAVASA are the few of favorite places people love to visit ,surrounded by natural beauty you have unlimited options to hangout with your buddies .


Being in the heart of the city you wont have any transportation problem . In spite of being in the mid of city the law campus is located beside NH . You can easily get cabs, autos, bus etc to the places you wanna visit.
Despite all the shortcomings it is probably one of the best choice available if you don’t get a good NLU or colleges with better ranking than BVP and if you work hard here I’m sure you’d be gaining a lot! The institute is yet to see more glory with a proactive dean and the student lot getting better year after every year! Yes, there will be disappointments and you will face some difficulties but in the end if you keep faith in yourself, your seniors and your institute you’ll definitely be having a great time!

This article was written by Anshuman Shreya (batch 2020, new law college , bharati vidyapeeth , pune), We thank her for taking out some time from her busy schedule and helping us guide those in need!

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