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Experience- NLUO

NLUO-Cuttack, I glanced at the allotment lists. First thought- Orissa for the next five years? Is it Orissa or Odisha? Well, do I have a choice? No, Let’s go!

So NLU Cuttack, at a first look, for me was a young and vibrant establishment with a 50+ acre sprawling campus located on the banks of Mahanadi and Kathajodi River. Features accommodation for more than 700 students with single occupancy rooms, A/C Classrooms, moot court, seminar hall and a huge amphitheatre which is designed to fulfil all the needs. That looked good to me! Well, it trust me! It’s all good!

Coming to the vital question and an issue which usually concerns everyone!

Food. The mess food was above average as the menu gets decided by the students themselves, I heard from the students.  There is an upcoming restaurant which would complement 3 other canteens which were already there at the campus!

‘Pehle pet pooja, baad me kaam dooja’, Being an ardent follower of the same, after satisfying the question of your basic necessities I would, now, like to address the most important part.

Academics. 2 courses are offered at NLUO- BA LLB and BBA LLB. 10 semesters | 6 subjects each. That means one needs to get through 60 subjects by clearing 75% attendance (you can manage, don’t worry), Mid sems-End Sems and one research paper per subject.

The faculty is a blend of brilliant and average teachers just as you will see in every institute. There is a library which suffices all the journals, good authored books, magazines, newspapers and what not. Also there is an upcoming library which is supposed to be Asia’s largest law library. There are only 4 classes on a 6 day schedule, starts at 9 ends at 1:30 and after you have burned all the midnight oil for your exams you get a 7 week break, for internship, after a 4-monthed semester.

Student Participation.

The University encourages student participation. As known, NLUO is a big name in the mooting arena. Be it National or International moots/ADR competitions NLUO has excelled everywhere.

The UNDP funded Legal Aid Society manages to provide Legal literacy even in the remote areas of the state. There are research centres ranging from Disability Laws, Child Labour, Banking & Investment etc. There are student run initiatives like Corporate Law Forum, Sports Leagues and the recently constituted Informal Discussion Group which invites luminaries ranging from famous Member Parliamentarians to Novelists/authors etc. So you are going to have a lot of opportunities for your intellectual development!

Placement/Internship Report.

The Internship Committee works really very hard to get internships for the students. Placements are getting better year after year. The alumni of the institute has witnessed to work with major organisations and law firms.


The campus is well equipped with sports equipment. There are basketball and tennis courts, one upcoming pitch for cricket. Indoor sports like badminton, table tennis, chess is within hostel premise. There is an Inter annual sports fest ‘Viraj’ which invites competition from outside.

How do we Chill?

To be honest there are limited options available. Fast food chains like Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC is located within 15 KM from the location. There’s a daily University bus service to the market. Bhubaneshwar is 40 KM for which the campus bus plies on every Sunday. The Coastline (Puri to be precise) is 90 KM.


The curfew time is 7:30pm and you need special justified reasons to stay outside after that.


Bhubaneshwar is well-connected by Air and Train to every Metropolitan. There are 5-7 flights daily to Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani also connects via Cuttack to Delhi daily. Uber service is available stretching from Bhubaneshwar to the entire Cuttack and also the campus.

I’m sure, you’d be very excited to see a highly competitive environment which witnesses rapid development of the institute, highly approachable and helpful seniors who make your survival easy.

Well don’t get surprised when you see a ‘Mini India’ in this 50 acre campus as we have students coming from over 21 states! Benefits? Opportunities to learn more and more about the various cultures and most importantly, You’ll never feel secluded. Someone will always be there with similar culture, standing by your side, celebrating in a similar manner, having knowledge of all the traditions that you believe in

An army of faculty which treats you like a friend. The Humid weather which makes you cry. Amazing culture which brings a smile of your face and an experience of a lifetime!

NLUO is a mixture of all the feelings! Who knows what may come out when ‘You’ open the Pandora’s box.

We thank Shivam Jha(Batch 2020, NLUJ0 for providing us with his inputs, taking out some time from his busy schedule and writing the article!

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