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Overview: GNLU

29th May, 2015 the day on which seats were allocated to the successful aspirants of CLAT 2015. I had been allotted RMLNLU in the first list and was devastated at not getting into my dream college.But by god’s grace in the second list I was upgraded to GNLU, I was ecstatic, as I came closer, the first image of the main building of GNLU in front of my eyes, I was truly mesmerized with a lush green 55 acre campus, for me it was an amazing feeling to be here with an accommodation for more than 800+ students in two hostels, a 3-storey library, with moot court halls, mess, cricket ground, football ground and many more which was way more than sufficient for me..!!

Now coming to the important aspects concerning college life!


According to me and what my friends have experienced the mess, GNLU provides the best food which one can expect in hostel with a different menu everyday consisting of sweets, ice-cream, sometimes Chinese cuisines too. It also has a cafe which opens till 12 midnight which provides food at a reasonable price and the best part is the Night Mess which opens at 10 pm all the way to 3 am fulfilling your late night cravings. In a nutshell you can expect to munch whenever you want.


GNLU located along the Gandhinagar- Ahmadabad highway, with a spacious55+ acre campus consisting of two hostels, a modern newly built auditorium, an attractive admin block building and for sports enthusiastic people various courts and grounds like a cricket ground, football ground, volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court, and a big indoor space for indoor games like table tennis, chess and carom and yes we also have a gym .Along with this GNLU organizes two fests every year one is sports fest i.e. Justice League another is cultural fest i.e. Pentagram both last for around 3 days which is enjoyed thoroughly by the students and faculty alike. Moreover the SAC(Student Activity Committee) of GNLU is very active, every fortnight it conducts some or the other activity with an active sports club which organises many leagues and matches which encourages student towards too take up sports and yes with all this academic pressure GNLU gives 2 day off i.e. Saturday and Sunday and has 5 hrs class beginning from Monday to Thursday and having a 4 hrs class on Friday .University is very strict about attendance one has to maintain 70% of attendance to be eligible for end sem exam


GNLU encourages its students in many diverse fields; GNLU has many committees like Debsoc, MUNsoc, MCC (moot court committee). Also there are many research centres such as Centre for Foreign Policy and security studies, Centre for sports and entertainment law, Centre for Private International Law, Centre for Environment and sustainable Development and many more apart from these academic canters GNLU has catering to co-curricular activities like Sports club, Music club, Dance club etc.


5 different courses are offered at GNLU comprising of- BA/BBA/BSC/BCOM/BSW LLB along with this GNLU also offers LLM Course and by this present academic session GNLU is also offering MBA course. Students will have to cover 60 subjects by ensuringat least 70% attendance in each subject. The faculty of GNLU is no doubt of very high calibre consisting of hard working professors, associate professors, Teaching research assistants. There is a spacious library which suffices almost all the needs arising out of students it has subscription of latest legal/ non legal journals, SC authorised books, magazines, newspaper and sitting capacity of about 400+ students at a time

At last GNLU offers sufficient opportunities to ensure that its students can become all they can be!

We thank Vishal Soni (Batch 2020, GNLU) for providing us with his inputs, taking out some time from his busy schedule and writing the article!

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