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Hate to Love: Journey at JGLS

“Mai yaha kabhi nahi jaunga” this what I told my father when he mentioned Jindal Global Law School to me.  Backing up the story a bit, I was a decent to a good student all my school life, I always believed that I would get into a good government law college when I passed out of school.

After choosing to do law, the next thing on my checklist was getting into an NLU but sadly it didn’t happen. I did manage to get into some low rung NLU, but I was nowhere close to getting into the top 3.  I had managed to crack IP, Symbiosis, and LSAT though. My father enquired and got to know that Jindal was the best among the options I had. I on the other hand, practically hated it. For me, Jindal was like some private college that all rich kids who couldn’t get anywhere went to. Even if Dad wanted me to go to this college, I would never let him spend 7-8 Lakhs a year to get me educated. I would like to state in the beginning that I wouldn’t just praise Jindal in this article like some paid advertiser would do, I would also point out the flaws that it has.

I was from a typical middle-class family where spending this much amount would mean spending all your life savings or going into debt, I wanted neither of those things. I started considering Symbiosis Pune because I thought it was the only economical and good college left. I had almost finalized SLS Pune but then LSAT results came out and I found out that I have been awarded a scholarship at JGLS. From this moment I started giving JGLS a serious thought because the scholarship provided to me brought down my fees and other expenses to the same level to what I would be paying at SLS Pune. I might seem a little money minded by now but I know many students don’t even fill the LSAT form because they think Jindal is way out of their price range and they won’t be able to afford it.

Then one thing led to another and I finally I joined Jindal Global Law School this year. My first semester here has been nothing less than amazing, I surely received whatever I was promised. What follows would be an honest review of this college, I would have to include what I feel are the shortcomings and can be improved upon.

First of all, we were all asked to join the college a week early, the semester was meant to start on 1st August but we joined a week before that. This week completely changed my opinion about Jindal, because this week was the Buddy Project week were about 20-30 seniors joined the campus early to welcome us into this college. They divided us into groups or teams and organized interesting activities treasure hunt, a talent night and even a water balloon fight. This week gave us the right start to college where we got time to socialize with other batch mates and also develop a rapport with the seniors in the buddy project.  While my friends who were in different colleges were afraid of even talking to seniors because of the fear of being ragged here I was who had even become friends with some of the seniors.  This week wasn’t just fun and games, we also had discussions and meetings with seniors were they explained and spoke to us about things like consent, safe sex, how to handle studies and everything side by side, and what all to expect from college life and many more things. With majority of students being from outside Delhi and Haryana, they also spoke to us about how to conduct yourselves when you go out of the campus, because the college is in Sonipat which isn’t really safe for girls or boys, so some pointers like using only trusted cab drivers to dressing appropriately if you go out to nearby areas really help newcomers find their way.

When I spoke to seniors and took advice from people studying in other law colleges about JGLS, one thing they all said was that JGLS has the best faculty among all private and government colleges right now. Right on the first day of the first semester, I realized they were all right. The first day started with the Legal Methods class where we were taught by a professor who had completed her undergraduate education from a prestigious college in India and had also completed her LLM from Singapore, she had immense practical experience which reflected in the way she taught and conducted her lectures. She left the whole section in awe after conducting such an energetic and participative session and by the time this lecture got over many of us were sure that we chose the right place.

Just like this professor, all of our subject teachers were highly qualified had immense practical experience and had excelled in their respective fields. I was amazed and also perplexed at the same time as I feared whether I and my batch mates would be able to live up to the standards of such highly qualified teachers. Some other subjects that we had this semester were Principles of Management, English, and Psychology. Professors of these subjects were also just amazing, principles of management was being taught by an adjunct professor who was an entrepreneur himself and was already part of two successful business ventures and was also an advisor on the board of directors of some well-known companies. The amount of practical knowledge he gave me and batch mates over just 3-4 months was impressive. He had the extraordinary ability to link the stuff given in the textbook to practical experience he had as an entrepreneur. For example, once he was explaining how two positions could be combined in a company to save costs, he immediately linked this to how he did this in his company. When you combine practical and textbook knowledge what you get is a lesson you won’t forget for the rest of your life. Speaking of English and Psychology both the professors were amazing, our English professor had previously taught at IIT Delhi before coming to teach us. He is a well-renowned author who has written two to three books, which were among the bestsellers. He taught us some amazing poetry and some plays too, he inspired us all to write our first thesis statement as an assignment and gave us one to one constructive feedback on them. He really pushed to develop our own ideas and also gave us some important life lessons on the way. Our psychology professor was also highly experienced in his field. He taught with zeal and enthusiasm and made us fall in love with his subject. He gave us first years a chance to work as a research assistant on a multinational psychological study. A group of 5-10 people, including me, got this amazing opportunity.

Talking about faculty I would also like to mention a problem that troubles many students and I have heard it directly from students of other batches and sections too. The thing is that Jindal always brings in highly qualified teachers to teach but sometimes the teachers themselves are highly qualified and have degrees from prestigious institutions but they aren’t able to make the students understand and learn the subject. This happens seldom but it does happen. Overall the faculty is amazing and would make you fall in love with the subject. Talking about faculty I would also like to mention that as the faculty is highly educated so they have high standards and that makes it difficult to impress them and students have to work really hard for assignments and projects.

There is another thing that poses a problem that is the attrition rate in JGU is kind of high. I had read about this before joining and got to witness this in the first semester only as 2 of the professors who had just joined JGU are leaving, they have just taught our batch as of now. I don’t know why they are leaving, maybe their contracts were just for 3 months or they don’t want to teach here anymore, I just know they are leaving. They both were amazing teachers.

We all know that Jindal has amazing infrastructure so I won’t talk much about it. The rooms are amazing, the food you get in the mess ranges from decent to good, you have many outlets at the campus where you get food, there’s also a food court which has all famous outlets so that students don’t have to venture out in Sonipat when they crave outside food. You won’t have any major problems with respect to food or the hostel rooms, some problems would of course be there. We also have an amazing library and a reading room, where students sit and complete their assignments or study for exams. Sports is given due importance and one can pursue any sport he likes, equipment for each and every sport is made available. Campus is pretty safe and you can wear what you like and you won’t be stared at. There’s also a shuttle service that operates throughout the day, so there’s no such difficulty if someone wants to visit Delhi. As many people say it’s a home away from home and we have everything we need.

Everything good but there one thing that troubles me and still does is the batch size, there are approximately 400-500 students in my batch which would make placements really difficult, I feel that there only 300-400 good jobs for law graduated and majority of them will be gobbled by the top 3 NLUs, so this the only reason one might not want to join JGLS. There something which I would like to add, whatever Jindal lacks in this aspect it makes up for in terms of opportunities it gives to the students. So come to Jindal if you want a good education, you want to develop your own thoughts, don’t just come thinking that this law school will land you a job because it won’t. For a job, you would have to work hard on your own, look for opportunities, exploit them yourself. Jindal will give you all the help you want, you just have to ask, everyone the seniors, professors and even the administration are willing to go out of their way to help you out. I myself got so much help from the professors regarding where to do my first internship and how to get it.

One more thing about the crowd is that, another drawback to a huge batch size is also that it is an unfiltered crowd where anyone who scores more than a minimum set percentile in LSAT can get it, I would have liked it better if they filter some of the crowd by conducting interviews too, with the LSAT, adding to this I would state that you yourself have right to choose the people you roam with so keeping that in mind you will also meet people here you have left some of the top NLU’s to come to Jindal and are also top performers in various extra-curricular activities and you can also look up to seniors who have literally conquered the mooting world by winning prestigious moot competitions like the Jessup International Moot Court Competition.

At the end, if you work hard you will yourself get a job and won’t have to rely on anyone. This all I have figured out till now but still there’s a long way to go and I will keep on figuring out stuff as I go along.

For people who don’t get any top NLU, Jindal would be your best bet and you will surely get value for the money you pay.


We’d like to thank Kartik Adlakha (Batch 2021, JGLS) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us.

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