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ILNU Placement Controversy: An Open Letter

Aditya Kavia, a celebrated alumni and debater of Institute of Law, Nirma University expressed his opinions on the matter related to ILNU’s Placement Report published by Ahmedabad Mirror. The article is a must read as it contains certain relevant issues that everyone overlooked. He expressed his opinions through a Facebook Post and has further raised a few fundamental issues that are essential to be addressed by every college.

Dear friends,
This in my understanding of the issue and I hope reading this will give you some clarity related to the controversy regarding the Institute of Law, Nirma University.

First things first, No one here is ready to take the responsibility. The magazine here has published the article without scrutinizing the information and claims that all the opinions are that of the author. It is likewise ironical that the ‘anonymous author‘ claims to provide only the facts and not opinions. If you go on to read the article it is full of opinions that targets an individual having no real analysis to the claims. IT IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR THE PUBLISHER TO ANSWER THAT WHETHER OR NOT YOU SHOULD PUBLISH AN ARTICLE THAT HIDES IDENTITY ON THE PREMISE THAT IT CLAIMS TO PROVIDE ONLY FACTS AND NOT OPINION, WHICH APPARENTLY IS INCORRECT.

Secondly, there’s no clarity as to what do we have a problem with? Is it the fact that Ahmedabad Mirror published a story which is factually wrong? If that is the case, then what is that wrong information? Was this information provided by college administration or did Ahmedabad Mirror tweak facts to make their own story more appealing and eye-catching?
I am of the considerate view that the report from Ahmedabad Mirror refers to a note which can reasonably be presumed (obvious assumption) to be a note from the college administration as it uses word approx for both average and Alind Chopra’s placement. THEREFORE, I DON’T SEE ANYTHING MALA FIXED, BECAUSE WE FAIRLY ASSUME WHAT AN ORGANIZATION IS LIKELY TO PAY ITS EMPLOYEES BASED ON CERTAIN TRENDS AND DATA. Thus I don’t see any problem with the college coming up with an approximate number of the packages and placements. The problem is with the fact that Ahmedabad mirror chose to omit the word APPROX.
One problem that I see which unfortunately wasn’t cared about much in the article was the number of students who sat for placements this year. Was it 96 or 103?? and why was this not touched upon? Maybe because this did not create the sort of sensation, or maybe this is not the lie that they were looking for? Maybe this doesn’t make the college administration look as bad as they wanted it to be?

Thirdly, should the college talk about Alind Chopra’s placement in the way they did? Obviously Yes. Did Mrs. Shailja Tripathi took anything away from Alind? A definite No! (Please read the report by Ahmedabad mirror). The college is just celebrating the success of their student and that’s something they are entitled to for the sheer investment it does both monetarily and emotionally. Do you expect the college to lay out the complete procedure of CRC and non CRC placements and bifurcate this information in a 200 something word report. Are you serious? You must be kidding me.

Now the most hackneyed contention that a lot many share is that does there exist any accountability in CRC and what good did our Rs. 5000 do? I think the information from CRC is already out there in the public and as far as Rs. 5000 is concerned you can ask for a detailed budget expenditure for recruitment process. Having ILNU as my Alma Mater and having studied here I assume it is used for our workshops and sessions, and one day when you will get out of your bubble you will realize these sessions cost a lot.

Yes I agree that there might be an expectation gap between the students sitting for placements and the CRC but making claims about competencies and character of an individual alone is not something fair and advisable to do. I don’t agree with the fact either that the college is providing false information to attract admissions. I think it is perfectly fair to position yourself in a way that provides you with a competitive edge and if our students are getting placed why not celebrate the same?

It is disheartening rather appalling to know that placements are on the pole position for the parents and students when it comes to deciding colleges. It is kind of sad that an institute like Nirma cannot talk about their investment on a student in terms of how they broaden your thinking by emphasizing on justice education, commitment to a culture of debate and critique.

It is very important  to understand what do we have a problem with.  Is it the fact that college lied. There are enough reasons to believe that they didn’t as stated in this post. Is it the fact that people get confused with such reporting and it should not be done?  In this case we need an institutional change as to how to report  placements,  almost all private law colleges come up with similar news and in case we want to change it we need institutional  interventions as we saw with B schools,  they have a procedure to report on such issues (Indian placement reporting standards by IIM-A).

We need to understand  that we can’t expect one university to not do it when most of their competition is doing the same thus our focus should be on changing the very procedure of reporting as it will provide relevant  information  to a larger mass. If the problem is with the functioning of CRC in ILNU,  I think we need to first focus  on what all problems exists, identify the root causes and start addressing them in a way that help students do better. If the problem is the fact that batch of 2017 believes that they are undone than we need to focus on what were the loopholes and how to avoid them in future and simultaneously working on how to provide our students of 2017 with fair opportunities and quality career services.

What is shocking for me in this very fiasco is the fact that we are not really engaging,  we are just claiming  our version to the final truth.

I didn’t hear anyone talking  about how to create a better framework for placement  reporting. We don’t even need to create something new  we can adopt the one created by B schools for starters. But no one is talking about it.

No one is talking about how we can help students in getting  placed now. It’s not that they don’t need a job or world stopped hiring  people.  The discussion  should be around how to provide everyone who paid for placements with fair opportunity.  The discussion  should be around how to extend career management  services post graduation for batch of 2017 for starters and then for all batches.

I hope we will now start discussing about issues that I mentioned. I in no way want to say that it’s not important  to point out something that is wrong,  but it is important  to move beyond it after a point in time and start focusing  on how to correct the wrong and I believe that time is now.

Having been said all of this, I JUST HAVE A COUPLE OF APPEALS TO ALL OF YOU:
Before jumping to any conclusions-
Read things carefully.
Empathise with people.

Aditya Kavia
(A concerned ex-ILNU student who gained disproportionately in this Institute)

We’re grateful to Aditya Kavia (Alumni, ILNU) for bringing up major issues which plague many institutes across the country and clearing the air regarding the controversy related to the placement reports published by a local newspaper. We understand that for a better perspective with regards to the issue, all the readers must be able to have an insight about both sides of the coin. Thus, a link of an article on a different website has been given below which will give you an idea as to how this controversy began.

So Far, Not So Good – 16 Lakh Package Is False



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