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Jindal Global Law School (JGLS)- The Right Choice

Passing through the dust tracks on Sonipat’s outskirts, my heart was unsure. I was going to Jindal Global University – my home for the next five years. I didn’t know what the campus environment was like and whether I would like it. But the reality turned out to be a welcome surprise. It was like passing from one world to another. The area surrounding it is a backward one and still seething in its harsh orthodoxy. The environment at the university was quite sophisticated.

The grandeur of the campus took my heart away. It is built with supreme architectural skill and beauty. Every building within it oozes a different aura. Ranging from the elite 25-seater sofa of the Conversation Adda to the royal common room with its glories like the home-theatre and pool table, it is a sight to behold. The mess with its fresh green painted walls and a buffet ranging all the way from Continental to Middle Eastern to Indian was the antithesis of all the hostel food nightmares I had heard of. The closest to my heart is the massive tricolour hoisted up in the sky atop the tall flagpost.  Looking up at it, one is filled with immense pride and love for the country.

After finishing all the paperwork, it was time to move to the hostel. I had been dreading this moment for long. I was anxious about meeting so many new people. I was scared of the seniors who I imagined would show up out of nowhere to rag us. In my head, the image of the hostel was like that of a ghetto. After all, that’s what the daily soaps tell you. But my doubts were unfounded. The hostel is really like a second home. You move out of your home for the first time in your life to this whole new place but you won’t feel the difference. Every building in the hostel has its own set of mircrowave, dispenser , vending machines and a common room.

JGU is truly a melting pot of cultures and experiences. There are people from various parts of India, Germany, Dubai, Africa, USA and many more countries. If the sociologist Durkhiem were to put it, this university  is cemented by an organic solidarity. Every person with his or her own personalised qualities adds a new coloured piece to this mosaic of Jindal Global University.

Ragging that people usually fear the most when coming to a university is thankfully absent at Jindal Global University. All the seniors are very friendly and supportive. It begins to feel like an extended family. Anybody that you don’t know by name is buddy to you. Yes, that’s how you address them! Everyone here makes a lot of buddies when one comes to the campus as a fresher. But soon you call them by all sorts of names ranging from  Rez to Andrita to Atishey to Makwana and the list grows.

The university is very keenly focused towards academics. The professors here are Google-able – type in their name and you’ll see their photo on Page 1 of the search results! The academics structure at JGU prepares you like a potter makes a pot. You’ll be subjected to academic stress and then at same time parties and celebrations will relax you. The time during the exams brings the whole of 360-seater reading room to life. It buzzes with activity 24X7 with people studying. The whole lot of technology that the university provides at our disposal is most appreciated right before the exams. As the end of the semester nears, the library aisle gets filled with more people every day.

The university life here is filled with unlimited partying. Performances by the likes of film star Suriya , bands like the Hansraj Projekt , singers like Benny Dayal make life so much fun. Sunburn is all the rage with people letting their hair down having a great time. At the navratri celebration, every student dons a traditional attire. The sound of dandiya sticks beating against each other in unison is music to the ears. The pomp and show of Biswamil, the annual fest, is unparalleled. It brings to the campus a whole range of fashion shows , fun-filled games, Sunburn, and cuisines from different parts of the world and big names like Keventers, The Lalit , Baskin-Robbins , Karim’s and a lot more.

This university is like a bubble where you can grow the way you want to. People here are not judgemental at all. You can don a pink kurta with danglers or kiss who you like in the corridors. Nobody judges. You might not be fluent in English. You’re not laughed at. The environment here is very inclusive. We here at JGU have a space for everyone. There is no stigmatization.

A lot of people come to JGU after spending a year at various NLUs. They say that life at JGU is much better than being at NLUs. According to them, NLUs are steeped in orthodoxy. The endemic problem of ragging stifles the freshers there. It is said that NLUs impose unlimited restrictions and stay quite cut-off from the outer world, never taking the happiness of the students into account. If that is indeed sadly true, I’m happy to report that life here is the exact opposite.

JGU not only focuses on academics but the university also appreciates everyone’s qualities. The dancing society, music societies, debate society, mooting society, the official JGU radio, the creative writing club , the social welfare society and many more see enthusiastic participation. I highly advise people to come to JGU for pursuing their studies as it gives them space to live and grow the way they want to. From what I have seen, I promise you that my college will not impose social pressures on you. It will not leave you disillusioned.  Jindal Global University has a lot to offer that I have come to love. Come see it for yourself!

We’d like to thank Sahil Bansal (Batch 2021, JGLS) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us.
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