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Just a Fresher- Institute of Law, Nirma University

My first year at Nirma in simple words was the most tiring, intellectually stimulating and most messy year of my whole life. But hey! That is what a university life is all about.
After researching about my options after CLAT, Nirma seemed a reasonable option. The opinions I had heard about it were very polarising from both sides, and I decided to give in to the beautiful location of Ahmedabad.

One of the most attracting features of Nirma is all the greenery in the college. The first look inside the University mesmerises you with the calm and peaceful atmosphere, especially in the dry summer when concrete highway roads are ready to melt your shoes.

As the usual procedure, I had to appear in the counselling. All the candidates sat in a room, and it was exactly like we see in the movies. The process started with a promotional video of Nirma university which I guess they would be playing at every damn occasion (and I was damn right). Then came the presentation, and Nirma is pretty good at it. The institute successfully managed to convince most of us that we were at the right place. However, the whole process ended pretty neatly without any trouble.

Then, as usual, I had to face the classic ILNU problem – Nirma does not provide hostels. However, for our convenience, the college had called every private hostel to provide us with options. There are two major hostels – NICM at a 15 km distance which is usually adopted by most of the students, and Hiramani which was right outside the university. I choose the latter for saving the travel time, and it turned out to be one of my better decisions.

Academically the first two semesters of Nirma were intellectually challenging, as in the first year the college tries to build up an aptitude in students to understand and perceive the outer world better. Some teachers work really hard and are extremely passionate for us, and I can genuinely feel the change in my mind set after a year.

Coming to extra-curricular activities, Nirma is one of the few law colleges which hold intramurals for First-year students, both in debating and mooting. The focus is to cultivate and groom the students from the very start so that they are not bombarded with all these activities at once in the second year. Top 4 teams of the moot intramurals are sent to national moot court competitions and the college sponsors for the whole process. Though it may sound a little tough, with the immense support of all the extremely friendly seniors, you start enjoying all these activities.

Now coming to a very important factor- Seniors! This is one aspect where I say with confidence that if you are willing to interact, the best thing happening to you in the college is your seniors. Most of them are extremely supportive, and the ego clashes that are seen in other colleges between juniors and seniors is non-existent here (no I’m not being biased). I happened to live in Hiramani which is popular for its unity, but even outside that, I made friends with like tonnes of seniors, including many 5th years.

Coming to other general aspects, food is veg and is served in 4 canteens, and 3 of them are quite good at their job (I’ll leave you to guess which one is not). The college is at a reasonable distance from most of the usual things, and High Court is also on the same highway. There are dozens of restaurants and malls for entertainment and other recreational activities.

Overall, Nirma does pretty good for an alternative to NLUs. Though things are not always goodie-two shoes here, and some moments can be frustrating because of the strict attendance policy and slow bureaucratic administration, the overall college life which consists of a lot of running and sleepless nights starts growing on you.

We’d like to thank Suryansh Srivastava(Batch 2021, ILNU) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences.

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