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Law came as a pleasant surprise: JGLS

I always wanted to be an engineer, so I opted for engineering only. I changed my school and went to a dummy school in class 11th, and joined Allen Institute for IIT-JEE’s coaching. Unfortunately, during my 12th boards I got super sick, and was not able to take my board exams. As a result, all of the hard work flushed down and when that happens, you tend to get depressed. I could not sit in any of the competitive exams. I had no option but to give my 12th again. I didn’t really study or prepare well for entrance exams during that year. My 12th boards didn’t go well and so didn’t IIT mains.

Not knowing where to go, I was advised to go for Law. Second option for most of the people like me. Another shock awaited me, dates for registering for CLAT was already up. Now, LSAT was probably the only ‘decent’ option I knew. I was aware that for exams like these you don’t really need to prepare any specific subject for it as it includes only English and mental ability. I gave the exam joined Jindal. Things do take a different turn in life, don’t they? Nothing really go as per plan. Just like most the law students, law was never my first choice, but it happened. Now, I’ve started liking the place and don’t feel sad about not getting into premiere engineering institutes.

All my classmates, batch mates are from different cultures; different places. We even have foreigners studying international affairs and people are quite open-minded. You can wear anything you want, and you will not be judged. The hostels and other facilities are quite better compared to government colleges. But not much. In the mess food, we get a lot of variety and everything is unlimited but the quality and taste isn’t good. We do have lot of food joints but that is because Jindal is a residential university and we are not allowed to go out (we need permission).

Though I don’t know much the placement status to comment on the same, given the fact that it was all very quick. One second, I didn’t know what to do in life and the other second I am sitting here, discussing this. One thing is for sure, We have few professors from Oxford, Cambridge and other big universities across the world. Some of them can challenge your intellect and push you to your limit but at the same time, rest of the faculty is not that great.

We also have career development and placement division which helps us a lot in internships. Even for the 1st year students many NGOs came to the college for internships and it gets really easy to apply for internships. There are also provisions for foreign exchange programs which could provide you with amazing experiences and exposure. But as they say, every coin has two sides, there are loads of setbacks as well.

The college is situated in a village and it is not very safe outside the campus. Given the fact that college is situated close to Sonipat. NCR as per the general perception, is not a very safe zone per se. Couple it up with a village and open mentality inside the campus, you sometimes tend to undermine the situation outside and be careless. Also, there is no such thing as batch unity as far as I can see (esp. in our batch). You would only remember faces, but not know the person.

There is a general perception of JGLS in other colleges that it is a place for ‘Rich Spoiled Brats’ but I beg to differ from the same. Contradictory to what others think, LSAT is not an easy exam. So, students here are intelligent as well. Also, if you score well and get a good percentile, you can get scholarships as well, I too am studying on a scholarship. Plus, the good faculty plays a big role in grooming people and usually people just accept you, the way you are. The students in my class are really smart, I mean they are rich but if someone’s not, then it’s not a big hurdle. Maybe there are some students who are spoilt brats but in a very small number.

As far as NLU’s are concerned, apart from the Fee structure, I don’t think we lack anything. If I were given a chance, maybe I’d go to the top three NLU’s  as

  1. a) Every website has ranked them above Jindal,
  2. b) They are quite old and properly established by government,
  3. c) Law firms and corporate firms believe they are better (so they get better placement opportunities) and also
  4. d) Everyone always aspire to get into them.

So, I doubt it if I’d go to any NLU below the top three. Also, this place is feels like home. The fests are amazing, faculty is awesome and you get the best exposure. I don’t think you should leave Jindal if you don’t have any monetary issues.

As told to Sarthak Singla (NLUJ, Batch 2021)

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