Clat-2018 is done and dusted. Congratulations to the ones who have been allotted an NLU. With the fourth list on the horizon, there are quite a few of you who still hold the hope of making it to the cut off’s. Even if you don’t make it to the cut off’s there is a chance that you can get an NLU or upgrade your college via vacancy. There have been a lot of queries related to the vacancy process and we would try to clear some air around the same, as we understand that a good institute is all that the students long for and would not want to miss any opportunity to get the same.

Let us first understand the reason behind the vacancies. Vacancies are released against the seats for which students fail to show up, withdraw their admission or unable to complete the admission formalities as required.  They are released on the website of respective universities after the session starts and you have to make an attempt to get any information about the same. Those who are willing to give vacancies a shot, be vigilant and keep a check on the official university websites.

The process through which it works is as follows -:

Step 1- After the completion of the Clat Admission Procedure, respective NLUs put up a notice on their website regarding vacancies. It mentions the number of seats vacant in different categories. In some NLUs, they also give cut off marks. Students having CLAT scores below that won’t be considered for the process.

Step 2– Different Universities have different procedures for filling vacancies. One may only ask to send an e-mail to apply along with the scorecard, while other Universities may ask for payment of some fee along with the relevant documents. You have to do the process as guided by the respective NLUs on their websites.

Step 3- After the last day to apply, the University releases the list of candidates and a rank list of those who have applied, it is done as early as possible due to obvious reasons.

Step 4- The candidates who have been selected in different NLU’s would have to withdraw their admission in the NLU allotted previously if any. Now, usually what the college gives a notice on their websites in which the last date is mentioned to withdraw your admission. If the candidates withdraw their admission within that date then the administration will refund the amount. Only relevant deductions will be made on the count of mess charges, electricity, internet along with some other heads. Rest amount is reimbursed, mode of which can be inquired with the University management.

Step 5- Candidates selected need to take all the documents mentioned as required for admission on the date given by the university and do the admission process all over again.

Step 6– After the completion of the admission process via vacancy if any seats are still vacant in the respective NLUs then they either release a second list based on the merit list (CLAT ranks) of people who had applied for vacancy or they again release a fresh notice for vacancy, in that case you need to apply again according to the prescribed instruction given by the NLU.

Usually, Vacancies are completely unpredictable like CLAT and there is no guarantee or sure shot way to tell you that you will make it to a specific college. As MNLU-Mumbai had such high cut off’s last year many people switched from MNLU- Mumbai to other NLU’s like NLUJ, GNLU, NLIU, HNLU etc.

Which makes it important for you to keep a track of the admission process and the University you prefer. The odds are that tier 2 universities may see their vacancy seats going more than 200 ranks above the usual cutoff, which would give you a good opportunity to upgrade your university, even after the session starts. Also, these Universities require the candidate of a representative to be present during the counselling process which is a sine qua non for securing the seat.

A lot of odds play a role and many students, who already are enrolled in the university are not able to leave their college or send any relative, which increases your chance. So, someone representing you at the counselling is important.

All these factors make predicting a rank range for college in vacancies really tough. One way to analyse your chances of securing a seat in vacancies is to note a general trend across the year. Go to other websites to gather the final allotment list and check the last rank at which the university was allotted, you might see someone with much lower rank in the same category. He/she in all probability has got the admission against vacant seat. Draw a general observation analyse your chances.

All the best, Hope you do well in your Law School as well!



  1. Thank for enlightning us about vacancies.we are very anxious as our is also going to apply through vacancies,could u prlease give us an idea wether he will secure a seat any of lower nlus with rank above 4500

    1. Hey Kamini,
      Please leave a message on our facebook page, we’d be happy to resolve all your queries.
      Team Collegesnoops.

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