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Let Yourself Come Alive- Lets CLAT

“A day is enough to bring about a change. A three month’s tenure is yet more than that. After all it’s nothing but CLAT.”

It’s worth amusing how manifestly I have reiterated what I used to hear from those dignitaries sitting in my dream law schools, scoffing unintentionally at my plight. It’s never easy for anyone save for a law aspirant to feel the agony and distress of being crippled with hordes of challenges attached with the preparation for the deadliest law entrance exam. Amidst a lot of pressure and expectations of many others including our own we lose ourselves. Haplessly poor performance in mocks sprouts the most negative person within us. The fear of failure coupled with the loss of enthusiasm especially among the droppers to study the repetitive course time and again in the expectation of once in this entire time of materializing the so called long distant dream of witnessing our transformation from a law aspirant to a law student has all what it takes to let oneself be buried under the credence of pressure and anxiety.

I might sound pessimistic and gloomy to many “yet so confident and sanguine” law aspirants here. But this is one of the harsh realities many of us have felt at least once in this entire struggle. My aim behind spending the so- called “crucial” law school time in the midst of the semester in writing something of this sort is to help those poor fellows to recognize this downfall or emotional breakdown if ever they come across it and help them get over it.

It is one of those sensations I faced as a law aspirant and still confronting these as a law student. The only difference is that – now I have a way to put up with it aptly and above everything to realize that these transient apprehensions and fretfulness can’t obstruct in my ways ahead of CLAT so far as self actualization and learning is concerned.

Grappling with a pressure of this sort has never been a cakewalk to me as I used to feel as one being kept on tenterhooks not for a day or two but for one entire year. Hence, it is reasonable for me to assume that it is not uncommon for you guys to be under a lot of trepidation and sleepless nights all due to approaching law entrance exams keeping in mind their significance in your lives as being the only gateway to enter your dream world of pursuit of law as a career. What is needed of you all is to understand and realize that this is not the end of universe. Rather, it is a beginning of a beautiful journey that awaits the most deserving, diligent and committed professional in you. Eventually, what matters is what you tend to gain out of this exam.

I used to be one of those person who was never ready to settle for anything less than NLS Bangalore as it should be – being India’s best law school. I toiled hard the entire year and even harder during the last few months to ensure I catch hold of this ambition of mine. As destiny had it, I ended up getting into NUJS, Kolkata. I might now put the entire blame on destiny but deep inside I know I was the reason for not making it to my dream law college – that reason was my FEAR – fear of failure, fear of lost faith of my family and teachers, fear of competition, fear of people who I found more talented and hard working than I am, fear of not reaching up to my own expectations and so on. After going through this entire phase, now sitting here and doing self introspection I realize that all these rueful days and sleepless nights made no difference in terms of what I thought I had a major loss in my life for not getting through the only dream law college.  I am surviving under the same pressure which I had gone through a year before while preparing for CLAT, though this pressure is incomparable with that of CLAT yet for the sake of your convenience let us assume it to be at par. I am supposed to survive and beat the next level competition of law school in most if not all the aspects including academics, moots, debates, research based writing etc. I daily come across with a load of new challenges which were beyond my wildest dreams as a law aspirant sitting at one’s comfort zone (home) and preparing for CLAT. The life as a law student offers the pack of new hurdles amidst all these one has to manage to get a decent gpa so as not to be lost in the crowd. In short, clat has never been and it isn’t the end of everything. Rather, it’s a beginning- A foundation to self realization, self development and self understanding of one’s goals and attainment of these with no loss of enthusiasm at any phase. It’s too insufficient an exam to decide your destiny as a professional lawyer. And, all that matters is how you perceive it as.

So, all that is expected of you is a bit more diligence and smart learning. None of the aspirants is expected to be a quiz master, a GK genius or a maths champion. A decent level preparation coupled with the skills of time management, self -confidence and calmness while attempting the paper is yet enough for you to ensure you secure one of the top law schools. Ample content has already been written by my fellow mates on preparation strategies. What I have tried to focus on is the emotional build up you guys need to have at this point. It’s never too late to learn to grapple with this challenge and believe me it’s the rightmost time to start working upon your mental makeup. Do give yourself some time out of your entire schedule and ponder over it. Take deep breath and feel positive and enthusiastic for you can get it and you deserve it. Life is too short to ruin it with negativity and dismay. All you need is to work hard and have enough faith in your capabilities.

“You can and you will survive, just once and forever… let yourself come alive.”

We’d like to thank Deepti Pandey (Batch 2021, WBNUJS) for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences with all of us.

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