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Let the pressure off, just not yet- CLAT

Giving CLAT twice and making numerous blunders in 2015 and  performing better in 2016 you learn something about the exam. To be honest, I personally know many people who were better prepared for the exam both the time but didn’t perform better than me. These people used to score more than 140 in CLAT Mocks (standard mocks) and around 107-108 in AILET Mocks. Whenever I met a mutual friend, we kept discussing what went wrong with these, and every time we couldn’t come up with a good excuse for them.

Now when I look back and analyze, all that I can speculate is that maybe that both these CLATs were filled with surprises. CLAT 2015 saw a decline of 30-40 marks on average cut-off as compared to the past averages and on the other hand, CLAT 2016 witnessed cut-off breaking the roof and competing with Mt. Everest! More than anything, it was the pressure on students which made them perform below their usual average (in terms of speculated AIR on the bases of Mocks).

I went inside the examination hall thinking in my head that I may take a drop and perform better in the next CLAT. That was the moment when I didn’t really have any pressure on me and I answered all the questions with utmost ease, I did whatever I could and left the rest to be handled when the results come. Though I didn’t take a drop later that year and wrote CLAT again in 2016. I already had a college and went in with the mindset that I don’t really have a lot at stake and again this cooled myself off. Maybe just a bit too much! I didn’t take the exam that seriously. I just got lucky I’d say. Fortunately, things went my way else, I would not have been here discussing this.

I believe that ‘no pressure’ was the only factor that played a major role in making me score better than others who were way better than me when it came to being prepared for the D-Day. I never used to score more than 120-125 in any of the mocks until the last few mocks I gave. Which clearly shows that I wasn’t taking preparations seriously. The others wanted to perform. They let the stakes get higher in their head and they had had a lot of pressure on them. I believe that is good when you’re preparing.

Lets be honest, when you don’t let the pressure, build up and force you to study, you won’t prepare well. I would have done much better if I was better prepared, I didn’t have that pressure on my head. That really kills your instinct to prepare yourself for everything. You need to be prepared for every type of paper that the people drafting CLAT/AILET or any other Law entrance exam may throw your way. Let the authorities come in the battlefield with all their guns blazing, you be ready with your force. Better safe, than sorry.

For those who are going to give their 12th Boards, your stakes are even higher. Performing in boards should be your priority in the first place. Why? Because numerous factors come into play as the game unfolds. Opinions change, priorities change. Your parents may support you in case you don’t perform well in CLAT and let you take a drop or they may not. With a good boards score, you won’t fall short of good options just in case you don’t take a drop. Also, these marks are going to help you in your college as well, some way or the other. So, the bottom line is- DON’T ignore your boards. Push yourself to limits and prepare. Few sleepless nights and a good college is way better than some extra sleep and lost self respect.

Let the pressure build up at this point, let it take over you. Let these sleepless nights drive you towards your goal. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. You never know what the D-Day may bring. CLAT doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of its consistency and has a controversial past. Until and unless you realize that you’ve of a lot of course to cover, you won’t start preparing. Don’t regret in the end.

“Only if I had 10 more days to prepare, I would have been in NLS” is something that you may hear people saying after CLAT. Now is the time, those 10 days are now! Go ahead, prepare. This is something that I didn’t do but you must. But remember, when you enter the examination hall, shed all the burden before you get in. Believe me, that can change the whole game. I’m sure you don’t want to be the person who comes back home after a horrible exams and all the answers start to click as soon you think about the questions lying on your couch listening to music.

Let the pressure grill you hard till the D-Day. Just know that you’ve done all you could when you enter the hall and you’ll be just fine.

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