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List- 60 Legal Terms

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1. Inter alia – among other things- The judge said, inter alia, that the time to file the action had passed
2. Ipso Facto – by way of fact- the enemy of one’s enemy may be ipso facto a friend
3. Lex loci – law of the land
4. Lex fori – law of the court– CPC prescribes the lex fori in India.
5. Locus in quo – the place at which – The locus in quo the murder happened was cordoned of by the police
6. Locus Standi – where one stands – PIL’s do not require a locus standi.
7. Male dictum – bad word– ‘A’ in an effort to win the elections allegedly resorted to male dictum against ‘B’.
8. Mala praxis – malpractice– booth capturing is a sign of mala praxis by the politicians.
9. Malo animo – evil intent– A’s act of forgery was done malo animo, but he pleaded that it was done with no mala fide intentions.
10. Mala fide – bad faith– As above
11. Modus Operandi – mode of operation
12. Moratorium – a delay– After demonetization, a moratorium was declared on EMI’s.
13. Mutatis Mutandis – to change to change– when strict liability was adopted in India, it was mutatis mutandis to absolute liability.
14. Malfeasance – do a wrongful act– In the aftermath of Overgefell v. Hodges, Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples was held as malfeasance.
15. Non culpabilis – plea of not guilty– O. J. Simpson pleaded non culpabilis in his trial.
16. Onus Probandi – burden of proof– In a civil suit the onus probandi is on the plaintiff.
17. In medias Res – In the middle of action – In the Jessica Lal case, the witness turned hostile in medias res.
18. Pacta sunt servanda – Pacts must be respected – Contracts are formed on the basis of pacta sunt servanda.
19. Post-mortem aucteris – After the death of the author – Copyright laws in india protect the authors work 60 years post mortem aucteris; Mario Puzo’s book Omerta was published post mortem aucteris.
20. Par dilectum – Equal fault – Compensation in a civil suit cannot be granted if both parties are at par dilectum.
21. Pari Passu – On equal terms – The seat in an arbitration conflict is in a place where both parties are pari pasu.
22. Per annum/ per diem/ Per capita – per year/per day/per head
23. Per pro – On behalf of – The surety clears the debts per pro of the principle debtor according to Sec. 126 of the ICA, 1872.
24. Patrimony – Inherited from the father – Saif Ali Khan received the title of Nawab of Pataudi as patrimony from his father.
25. Patricide – Killing of ones father – Nathuram Godse act of killing Mahatma Gandhi amounts to patricide.
26. Paricide – Killing of elders – The death of Bhishma amounted to parricide by Arjuna.
27. Matricide – Killing of ones mother – Roman emperor Nero committed matricide.
28. Fillicide – killing of child – TN Lakshmana committed filicide by throwing his son down a waterfall.
29. Fraticide – Killing of ones brother – Before the foundation of Rome, Romulus committed fratricide against Remus.
30. Sororicide – Cleopatra requested the sororicide of her sister which was carried out by Mark Anthony.
31. Regicide – Killing of ones King – In Bhutan, Prince Dipendra committed regicide against his King and father Birendra.
32. Uxoricide – Killing of ones wife – Sashi Tharoor is suspected of committing Uxoricide.
33. Mariticide – Killing of ones husband – The Black Widows of Liverpool were hung for committing mariticde.
34. Tyrannicide – Killing of a tyrant – The killing of King Birendra is considered as tyrannicide.
35. Deicide – Killing of a deity – The death of Jesus Christ is considered as Deicide.
36. Prima Facie – On first glance – Prima facie, the facts pointed towards a suicide but it was eventually seen to be a murder.
37. Pro Tempore/ ad hoc – Temporary/ for a purpose – Ad hoc committees of the parliament become functus officio after discharging their duty.
38. Persona non grata/ Persona grata – Non – acceptable person/ Acceptable person – Apartheid is based on the division between persona grata and persona non grata.
39. Pro bono publica – for public work – Salman Khans Being human foundation was set up pro bono publica.
40. Plebiocide – Voting for vital issues – David Cameroon expected the results of the plebiocide to be against Brexit.
41. Referendum – Voting for particular laws or statutes – A referendum was held in Greece on whether to accept the bailout conditions laid down by the Troika.
42. Publica juris – Right to all – Universal adult franchise is publica juris.
43. Quid pro quo – something for something – The barter system is based on quid pro quo.
44. Raison de’itre – Reason for being – The Raison de’itre for Fundamental rights is to preserve the freedom and dignity of all citizens.
45. Stare Decisis – Let the decision stand
46. Res Judicata – A matter already adjudged – Double jeopardy goes against the doctrine of Res Judicata.
47. Res Privatae – Things private – The proceedings of cases held in camera are res privatae
48. Res Publica – Things Public – The proceedings of cases held in curia are res publica.
49. Res Gestae – the events, circumstances, remarks, etc. which relate to a particular case, especially as constituting admissible evidence in a court of law – Eye witness accounts are taken as Res Gestae.
50. Cy pres – So near/ as close as possible – OJ Simpson was Cy pres to being acquitted of all charges but was held tortuously liable.
51. En banc – Full bench
52. Escheat – reversion of unclaimed property to the state – In medieval times, a person guilty of Felo de si, his heirs were escheated.
53. Estoppel – Once a legal position is taken, then you cannot move away from it – Central London Property Trust Ltd v High Trees House Ltd is a case of promissory estoppel.
54. Recusal – refusal of the judge to hear a trial for particular reasons – If a judge feels he has some personal interest in a case, then he should recuse himself.
55. Nolo Contendere – a plea by which a defendant in a criminal prosecution accepts conviction but does not plead or admit guilt – In Halbert v. Michigan, the defendant pleaded Nolo Contendere.
56. Repeal – Removal or reversal of law – Sections 76-123 of the ICA have been repealed by the Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930.
57. Solatium ex gratia – compensation – After the loss of MH370, the Malaysian government provided solatium ex gratia to the families of those missing.
58. Sunset provisions – Each law, provision or statute that have an expiry – Reservation laws were released with a sunset provision of 10 years initially.
59. Hereditament – Anything that can be inherited – An example of a corporeal hereditament is land held in freehold.
60. Mandate – A command or order; it can be judicial, theological, electoral and international – A fatwah is an example of a theological mandate


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