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A lot needs to be learnt but, the efforts are worth it: Divisha Sharma (Batch of 2022, GNLU)

Recently, when I logged in to my Facebook account I found a video that FB had made specially for me (just like it makes for everyone else) that summarized my 2017. 29th July 2017 : Started studying at GNLU. Ignoring the grave mistake by Facebook of not explaining that one thing that had shaken up all my perceptions towards life, I decided to pen down my own summarisation that included stuff that left unsaid.

Also, this post is a result of procrastination (stupendously granted by a law school) after religiously ignoring the texts of a buddy asking me to write it (Chuckles). I remember how this year started when I had my life revolving around the rank lists of CLAT mocks and how uncertain my life was when they said that I would land in top 3 NLUs, or just make it to the last ones, or in the local law college of my area. Mugging up the PSLVs numbers and trying to improve a section of maths that had ‘elementary’ written with it (that lured me to opt for law in the first place) were the major problems of my life with the only tinge of humor being when Sonakshi Sinha was abducted by Ranveer Singh in the Legal Reasoning section.

I cried on the night of the D-day when I realized that I had messed up CLAT 2017 just like CLAT 2016 looking at my number of attempts in it.  Various predictions sprung up on google which alleged to predict the cutoffs, ranks etc. until the official ranks were out. It gave me a set of law schools I might land into one of which was GNLU. But certainty then to get it was just like my position in the ‘to-be GNLUites’ WhatsApp group which I was kicked out of for not making it to GNLU till the 3rd Allotment list. Then came the 4th List in which I was the last person in general category to be upgraded. I was happier than Sheldon Cooper in the Large Hadron Collider.

I remember the day I entered into the campus for the first time and exactly how my heartbeat shot up in awe when I saw those glass mosaics on huge grey walls and how excited I was to get surrounded by all those smiling new faces that assured me that I wasn’t alone. But I had my own way of messing things up.

From stumbling exactly when a bunch of people had waved at me, to randomly sending requests to dozens of seniors, I did everything in my capacity to make sure it didn’t start well. Despite that, this place turned out to be worth the hustle around. We had an amazing bunch of seniors who left no stone unturned in inspiring us to work on ourselves and introducing us to the mooting culture. Uneasiness slowly faded away with those soothing winds you walk around in the night after having a hectic day of running to catch classes, breakfast or breath. Bunking classes now had started costing the much precious attendance and falling sick was no longer fun. Managing finances, finding the right people, cleaning what you dirtied, along with managing the neck to neck competition with the brightest chaps around you teaches what just books can’t offer. Despite the ocean of change I feel in myself since the day I entered GNLU, I still have a 4th year friend who laughs at me each time I run to her with my problems. A lot has passed, a lot needs to be learnt but all in all, the efforts are worth it.

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