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What it is and what I make of it: NUALS (Malavika Menon, Batch of 2022)

As a repeater who took a break year and devoted her entire time for CLAT, there was nothing  I wanted more than to get into a top-tier NLU. But I guess God had something else in store for me. The CLAT results came and in spite of getting a rank of 561, I was allotted NUALS ( CLAT tip #1- Do not screw up your preference list :P). Quite obviously, I was devastated and I felt as though my life had come to a standstill. As a person hailing from Kerala itself, I’ve always wanted to do my higher studies elsewhere and the fact that I had to forget about that for the next five years didn’t sit well with me.

But life had to go on and I packed my bags, expecting nothing more than an ordinary and mundane college life that lower NLUs are known to offer. But NUALS was all sorts of surprises! From mooting to movie screenings, the college has a lot to offer.

According to me the best thing about NUALS is that there’s the right amount of competition. No one’s running a rat race. The academic atmosphere here is quite lax and this allows you to devote equal time to curricular and co-curricular activities. But then we must look at the other side of the coin too. There’s a high chance that you might fall out of track if you’re not focused. So in NUALS, focus is key. 😉

The college has a thriving mooting culture with students participating in external moots right from their first year onwards. Debating and Quizzing are the other co-curriculars that see a healthy number of participants. All moots, debates and quizzes that are conducted at the national level are duly notified so that the students may avail the opportunity.

There’s a lot to say about the extra-curricular activities that one may pursue in the college. NUALS has an array of clubs like Music Club, Dance Club, Drama Club and Oratory Club, to name a few. The best part about these clubs? They’re all super active and ensure participation in various events in and outside college. Just like mooting, NUALSians take cultural fests pretty seriously too! From conducting NAALAM ( Nuals Arts And Literary Annual Meet) every year to participating in fests across India, fun is ensured.

Now if after reading all this, the sports enthusiast in you is disappointed, fear not my friend! Football, Basketball, Cricket or Badminton – the sports field is pretty active ( pun intended :D). NUALS makes its presence felt in a number of sports fests and also annually conducts a much celebrated Sports Day.

Special mention must be given to the location of the campus. The campus sits in a quiet little town about half an hour away from the city. The area around campus is lush and green and makes for a picture-perfect morning walk location. The campus too, though small, has sufficient greenery and is also well maintained. Oh, and it rains. A lot. So if you’re a pluviophile like me, WELCOME TO PARADISE! If not, you’ll learn to love it soon enough. XD

All of that said, NUALS, like any other college, isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. The class hours are extra long ( 9- 4:15) but if that means we don’t have classes on Saturdays, we shouldn’t be complaining. Weekends are a drag as there’s nothing much to do in campus. You’ll eventually get tired of LuLu Mall and Fort Kochi and the most said and heard sentence in your life becomes “ I’m so bored.” But then a seminar or a fest notification comes along and you’re good to go for another week or two!

So to conclude, NUALS is what you make of it. If you decide to sit in a corner and sulk, it’s the most boring place ever but if you decide to put yourself out there and seize every opportunity then it is the best place to be. It allows you to strike a balance between academics and your favourite hobbies, if you’re focused enough. A sort of ‘Best of both worlds’ situation? 😉 . The way I see it, NUALS is the magic carpet and not the geanie. It takes you anywhere you wanna go but it doesn’t grant your wishes for you. You have to do that yourself. At the end of one semester in college, I stand corrected of a lot of misconceptions I had about NUALS in the beginning and I’m truly grateful for the experiences I’ve had here. To 9 more semesters of being my own geanie!


We’d like to thank Malvika Menon (Batch 2022, NUALS) for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences.

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