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Make your own way at RMLNLU: Rhythm Kataria (RMLNLU, Batch of 2022)

The first thing that each student notices while he sets his first foot in this institution is
the tall statue of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia which reminds us that we as budding lawyers
always owe a responsibility towards society and we shall all march forward with the
objective of socialism at every step of our journey.

As a law aspirant I had my eyes full of glittery dreams too, consisting of those Harveys
and Mikes, though I admit there were some Rachels too (pun intended), but being at a
law school I can assure, law as a discipline and career holds much more than that in its
kitty and being at RML will make you want to choose law over and over again.

RML is one of those institutions with whom you’ll strike a chord and will never want to
leave once you’ve struck the same. I chose RML because it gives that sort of freedom to
explore my capabilities outside of academics. Due to the absence of mid-sems one can
indulge in as many activities as one likes.

I always gauged the efficiency of a law school by its mooting and debating culture, but
being here and trying my hand at both the activities I can tell you it is by far beyond my
expectations. We actually have our seniors inspiring us by getting laurels in both the
above mentioned fields and in turn guiding us to the path of glory.

In the initial days everybody gets hit by the hard hitting pangs of home sickness but as
one interacts with the batch mates and seniors, this place starts to comfort and
welcome us. At the end of the first month at RML we were introduced to different
committees functioning in the college, these included Moot court committee, Debate
and discussion committee, legal aid committee, Journal Committee, Internship and
placement committee, Sports committee and Cultural committee. We were required to
sit for inductions for getting a membership in the committee, in turn I got inducted in
the Moot court committee.

You might be wondering he hasn’t answered the question of faculty yet which is indeed
an important question because they are the ones who make a difference. Faculty here is
not top notch, you’ll find a few teachers who’ve done some path breaking work in their
respective fields but then there are some average ones too. Basically you’ll have to
carve your way through no one is going to hold your hand and walk you through this
interesting voyage at a law school.

While I was preparing for CLAT I had queries about the student culture in different NLUs,
so to talk about the same I’d say having the experience of visiting different NLUs in my
first year itself for various purposes like debates, moots etc. I can definitely assure you
student culture at RML is the best you are going to find among countrywide law schools.
You might think that all the things I mentioned above were only good and I am trying to
sell RML, but no. There are some cons as well, you might not find diversity here, due to
50% state reservation and people from Uttar Pradesh preferring RML over other NLUs,
there are less people from other states. Also to be completely honest the placement
figures at RML are not that great too, this might be because majority of the final year
students decide to sit for different competitive exams instead of sitting for corporate
jobs. We have always emphasized on the fact that we have the best infrastructure but
what I feel is infrastructure does not make any institution great, but the students and
the quality of faculty do, infrastructure just acts as an aide.

To conclude I would say, RML is a great place to be at but one should always come
weighing both the sides of the coin. I feel I took a right decision to join RML.

Here you have to make your own way


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  1. Bhaiya , if fees wasn’t a very big problem and you could somehow afford JGLS and you had a choice between the two RML and Jindal , what would you have chosen ?

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