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How to prepare for maths- CLAT

So till the time you are reading this article just forget that you are good or bad at maths, or arithmetic we shall say, because I genuinely believe it’s just that we start believing that you are bad at it and then stop putting efforts into this section and eventually end up not scoring well. So the best part about maths section of CLAT is that it is a very logical part of maths that is eventually asked in the exam.

Here to make things easy(relatively) for you I will list out some things that will help you ace this section or at least improve. This article has all the points written in the order of their priority that you ideally should have for them but at the same time maintaining that all these are very important.

  • Practice – Now you might think “such a clichéd advice”, but trust me, there is nothing that can help you more than practicing in maths and mind it, when I say practice, I don’t want you to go rouge. Be very specific and please refrain from something that I very dearly call as “Gadha Majdoori”, which in a sense is doing any random set of questions from any topic from any source using any method. Please don’t. Just stick to the “Bhramastra” for this section, which is Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Agarwal and here again find out the topics that the exam covers from this books and only read those topics. So as a precaution with practicing is Don’t go rouge.
  • Use Basic Methods – The biggest pitfall that people have while preparing for maths is that we go for fancy methods that we don’t even know logic for, and that can be very disastrous in long run and we think that we are going in just the right direction at the best speed. This thing might help you when you are doing problems in your coaching or in any book that gives you problems that are very topic specific. but use very basic logical methods which are ver methodical and then you may use any formula as much as you might want to, but just try to know the source of the formula.
  • Don’t be sacred of numbers – So the biggest fear of maths is just in your head and this is a truth that you need to realise as early as you can. I have seen this with a lot of people during my preparation, that my friends did not even attempt a lot of questions that were very easy just because the numbers were big. So whenever you think about leaving a question, just give it one attempt using the basic fundamental method and trust me it works. If not all, then at least 50% of the questions that you were to leave will now be done.
  • Try not to attempt the section in the end – So another disastrous pattern that I have seen amongst my friends during my preparation is that they attempted this section in the end with a philosophy where they believed that they are bad at maths so if they are leaving any questions then that has to be maths, but if you leave this section for the end, then under the high intense situations even if you had the ability to solve the problem, you would not be able to. So I would suggest that ideally you attempt this section somewhere half way down the time and this would make sure that your mind is adequately active to solve the problem but also is not worked up.

I hope you all will keep this in mind and this will be fruitful for you and you will crack CLAT 2017 with flying colours.

We’d like to thank Saksham Agarwal (Batch 2021, NALSAR) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us.

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