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MNLU, Nagpur- a budding institution with great potential | Lavesh Motiani (Batch of 2022, MNLU Nagpur)

Being highly ambitious for becoming a Law Professional, I wanted to pursue my graduation from a National Law University.  Initially, I secured admission in Tamil Nadu National Law School, although it was geographically far away from my hometown, I enjoyed the learning, sharing and peer support between juniors and seniors there for a few weeks. We finally opted for Maharashtra National Law University Nagpur.

Although there were negative comments from people, like the existence of 3 NLU’s in a single state, positives of the university were worth considering. It is centrally located and rich heritage of Nagpur in the field of law, although an emerging University, it had comparatively better exposure.

I joined College in Sept 2017. Just after I joined, I had my midterm exams only after 6 days and burden of so many projects to be submitted. This was the time I figured out that our faculty is very supportive and understanding. Teachers were so keen to teach, that they arranged for additional or extra night classes in hostel extending after college hours and for several days even till 11 PM. They are always ready to extend their help with health issues or psychological distress. The faculty is knowledgeable and student-oriented. They also encourage students to take up moots, debates and other such activities along with the routine academic curriculum.

The culture of the city is vibrant and people are welcoming and friendly. Climate is also not harsh and stays pleasant throughout the calendar.

The city is developing at a fast pace and the same is evidenced by numerous construction sites that can be found in and around the urban region. The University is located at about a distance of 20 Kms from the centre of the city and hardly 9 Kms from the airport. This makes the campus fairly accessible. A bus facility is also available every Sunday, which takes the students to the city, so they can run errands.

The university is currently being run on a rented campus by Moraj, but the infrastructure is great. As far as our campus is concerned it is still under construction and anticipated to be one of the best construction models amongst NLUs. The residential campus consists of 2 and 3 BHK flats with 2 people sharing a room which creates a family-like bond between people. The flats are equipped with all the necessary facilities. The buses also ply from the hostels for the college campus at hourly intervals every day.

We often have interactive sessions being organised at the campus which adds to the experience of students. This year, the University hosted Hon’ble Mr Justice Chellameshwar (Judge, Supreme Court), Justice Mohan Peiris (Former Chief Justice, Sri Lanka), Dr Ranbir Singh (VC, NLU Delhi) to name a few.

With only a single batch above us, the environment of our university is very friendly with zero tolerance policy for ragging. There is no curfew time at all which gives the students enough freedom to grow and not be pinned down by the constraints of the clock.

There is a uniform code which we have to adhere to. This adds to the sobriety, presentability and professionalism of the students

So, I find that my decision of choosing MNLU Nagpur has been really wonderful leading me to happy and healthy learning in the field of my passion. I am rather delighted since we are studying at a developing NLU grooming ourselves for excellence.

We’d like to thank Lavesh Motiani (Batch of 2022, MNLU Nagpur) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us. 

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