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Just NALSAR Things!

As I sit in my home away from NALSAR, I am flooded with memories that I have made in just a short four month stint in what people call one amongst the best law schools in the country. Now is a good time as any to reminisce about the good things that I miss and also the bad, which I am crazy enough to be willing to go through again.

Amid phone calls and texts from people from my school or coaching classes, all to seek “guidance” from a kid who was just as confused as they are, I can’t help but recall with a smile my own ‘CLAT days’.

I started preparing for CLAT, 2016 during my class 12 and frankly, I was never aiming for NALSAR. I did, however, always wanted to make it to NLUJ due to proximity from home and the faith in my ability, or shall we call it, the lack of it. But as my luck would have it, because CLAT this year was super easy and especially because I had pushed myself very hard in the last month, I made it to NALSAR (much to my surprise!).

When I came down to the beautiful city, I already knew that the college was located far away from the city, but did I know it would be this far? No. Anyway, I thought that it was going to be a roller coaster ride in the campus itself, and so I could put up with the distance from the city. But, little did I know, it takes a toll on everyone here. Although all necessities are available within the campus, you will want to get out of the campus and the hectic schedule will make it tougher for you to find the time to make a trip all the way to the city. The curfew just adds to the misery. But like it’s said, “every coin has two sides”, a great distance from the city also means peaceful, green, huge, and a very beautiful campus. Yes, we don’t go out of the campus very often but after a month or two here, you don’t really want to.

The campus is beautiful and green. To add to the charm, there is a lake inside as well as near the campus. Speaking of lakes, there are a few (not-so-charming) party places near the college where NALSAR gathers to end up “under full sail”. These places find their own set of sweet customers on the weekends.

Coming to my own personal experience now, I shall start from the first day I stepped a foot here. After all the formalities were done on the day of admission, we were shown our hostel rooms, the multi-purpose mess, the huge library, and a “stadium” (the purpose of which is still quite confusing). And then came the moment to say a hello to what will be my home for the next half a decade. No sooner than the parents started leaving the campus, did all the boys started spilling to the common room, a phenomenon that would occur only for the next one month, and we talked. And as we talked, I realized something that would keep occurring to me quite often. If there is one thing that is special about NALSAR, then it is its diversity. There are people from every corner of the country along with people from USA, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other countries.

I still remember the next day when we had an orientation session at nine in the morning, but a lot of us chose to sit in the hostel’s common space under a very beautiful night sky, talking about a hundred random, different things in each others’ lives till four in the morning, and I remember how it led to a real struggle the next morning to go to the orientation programme on time. A struggle that I have now learnt to fight and win. What seemed to be an exception on day one, is now a routine for me and many others.

The Orientation went just fine, and then the seniors gave us a campus tour with insights on the campus-something that they had learnt through their experience here and that we would eventually be proud to have learnt too. Trust me, if there was one thing that was useful from that day, then it was that informative campus tour. After all of these good, happy, formal meetings came the moment which all of us had dreaded for a long time then. I am talking about the ‘Positive Interaction’ with the seniors. The first time this happened to me was in the mess and even though it was scary in the beginning, the seniors made sure that we were always comfortable and would only learn to adapt to the unfamiliar place. Eventually we started enjoying the ‘positive interaction’ sessions and these sessions gave way to many memorable interactions and connections.

The college is a bit hectic at times yet equally chill on other days. And of course, a bunch of friends full of joy makes life much easier. Our very own NALSAR IV (debate championship), the Lit Fest (literature festival), Carpe Diem (Annual Cultural Event) and many others are a source of much needed break and fun in the college. The college goes crazy during the DJ nights, which is the one thing you must look forward to when in NALSAR. The lovely seniors, who drag you to every new thing you would be scared of, are a blessing too.

The project submissions, mid semester exams, and end semester exams get very intimidating and people pulling off all-nighters to get through is a common scene. The environment of the intro moot was very fulfilling yet scary at the same time- My people who were quite laid back a week before the moot were all way too much into it. People discussed law in the corridors, in the classes, on the staircases, even across the shower cubicles and I am not at all embarrassed to drop the cheesy line that “law was in the air” at the time. This place is full of super competitive people but they still manage to be humble, polite and helpful to each other, and this I have found to be a rare combination of attitudes.

After the feeling of being a part of NALSAR starts to sink in, and you almost learn how to combat the struggle of sleeping at six in the morning and still attending the 9 AM class, after you know how to work your way around at the Venky’s to get food faster, after you know how to sleep on the first bench in the 9 AM class and after learning a lot of other things that you only get to learn here, you kind of start falling in love with this place. And after experiencing all of these beautiful topsy-turvy feelings, and when you depart home for the semester break, you leave this place with a void in your heart.

All in all, it’s just been one semester here and nine more to go, nine more semester of unlimited fun, of wonderful learning, of spectacular friendships that I would love to hold on to for many more years to cone, and nine more semesters of NALSAR and chill.

We’d like to thank Saksham Agarwal (Batch 2021, NALSAR) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us. 

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2 thoughts on “Just NALSAR Things!

  1. Bhaiya, I am looking to crack CLAT n join nalsar nxt yar, i can ask sum qustions. Is it so chill thr bhaiya? Actully it is alredy veii difficult clat nw i want low work.

  2. Very well written Saksham. Although your article depicts only pros part of the coin as you said. It fails to depict the autocratic regime of Mr. Faizan Mustafa and total faliure of student body association to addess the concern of students which only acts as a pet of the administration rather than a body to check on the abuse of power of the administration like NUJS student body association. Neither does your article talk about the acute shortage of good faculties in the institution. But that does not take away the fact that NALSAR has always being one of the most premier institutes of law in india.

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