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The Prologue: NUALS

The CLAT I took seems like yesterday after watching the latest kids on the block have a crack at it this year and well, obtain results that would fall under the spectrums of good, bad or ugly. Last year, mine landed me in NUALS in the very first list. But first, let’s go through some facts about me: I’m a resident of Kerala, a non-vegetarian and an ambitious law student (I could be lying). I locked in on my spot as it seemed as the better option of the above and below preferences after much research.

Fun fact: Google about NUALS and you’ll find decent reviews such as “The Autobiography of an Unknown NUALSian” which would present a more tranquil vibe about the University, and spiteful reviews such as another about “blatant sexism and victimisation from the faculty”.

It should be made known that the existing reviews are out-dated and harsher than should be noted. Welcome to 2017 where I shall provide thee with a fresher presentation of Life at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies.

The campus is around 10 acres in size with an Administration Block, an Academic Block, a Library, two hostels (for men and women, separately ), an amphitheatre and a football ground, and all of the above would take up most of the 10 acres. I first visited the campus when I went there to complete my admission procedure and was quite content with the serene and untroubled atmosphere. The red and white colours usher through the 10 acres of the unperturbed greenery.

Our faculty of professors of law, associate professors and assistant professors will outclass any other. They are so highly proficient in their fields and can grant you the knowledge that’ll carry you forward. However, they can be strict, austere and unbending to many demands. But in this new era as we pave the way to a more liberal atmosphere where more freedom is possible and more demands can be met. We haven’t given up hope.

Seniors? Well, you’ll be treated much better in your first year here than in any other NLU and this I can guarantee. I’m not going to lie, “positive interaction” is existent in every NLU but here it’s just the process of being accepted into this union of law students who’ll have your back anytime. After any initial stage of embarrassment, your first weeks are something you’ll cherish till the end of your 5-year course. Seniors have played a more crucial role in my academics, maybe even as much as the faculty, in areas of mooting, legal research, etc.

We have a very active and efficient Moot Court Society and a mooting culture that would put us in a good position on the list of the best mooting universities in India with frequent achievements. The Debate Forum is also very active and holds practice debates and challengers to send students to highly-acclaimed BPDs and APDs around the nation. MUNs are quite popular as well with good participation from mostly the first and second-year students.

The next topic would be my favourite: FOOD. Kerala is paradise for the non-vegetarian and less friendly to vegetarians. A 50m walk from the university gate will fetch you chaat, al-faham, shawarma, a good cup of coffee, milkshakes, juices, Biriyanii, etc. Inside the campus, we have the mess and the canteen. NUALS will have a better mess than many other Universities of its’ level with a menu of non-repetitive food each day with both North Indian and South Indian cuisine. The beautiful city of Kochi which is just a 10-20 minute Uber ride away will satisfy all your multi-cuisine cravings. Not to mention the weekly pilgrimage to Lulu Mall (the largest mall in India) which I recommend anyone to come over and find out about.

And now, about the much talked about “water-contamination issue”. Basically, we demanded our University to be shut down for 2 months after 6 cases of Hepatitis A among the students. Now, I recommend you research about Hep-A. We thought it would be because of water-contamination. I think that assumption is wrong as it would have affected more number of students and more people around the area of the distributing pipeline, of which it did not. But our administration was responsible and kind enough to take a drastic measure for the sake of our health.

Our hostels are convivially hospitable and comfortable accommodating 3 in a quite spacious room with *wait for it*..attached bathrooms ! But with ups comes downs which are *sigh* ..hostel rules and curfews. As of now, the rules are such that no hosteller can stay outside the campus after 7 pm and prior permission of the Warden should be obtained before giving any information about anything regarding our hostel to any media (Good luck with that). Such arbitrary rules are something every student of NUALS finds vexing as it intrudes our freedom. The hostel wardens are faculty members as well, which would invite trouble to your grades if they’re crossed the wrong way. They seem to treat our hostel facility as a privilege for us rather than a necessity and forms rules which if enforced harshly would conveniently reduce the responsibility of the administration. Female students must enter the campus by 7 pm or must write their name on a register kept at the gate and this rule has always been strictly implemented. We have had an open discussion with the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar about the arbitrary rules after which these rules were not enforced as harshly as they claim to and also about inappropriate behaviour from the security guards. We are more likely to approach the administration for more discussions in the future as many demands are still left unattended to. A student-friendlier environment is what we struggle for.

And thus, we welcome you to our humble reality. Aao kabhi haveli pe.

This article is an Anonymous Submission by a student of NUALS, Kochi. We respect the request of Anonymity in order to protect the interests of people who provide us with an insight of the ground reality of their respective institutions.

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