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Red Bull, Chai, Great People and Fond Memories :NLUD (Drishti Kaushik, Batch of 2022)

National Law University, Delhi. In just a short span of 9 years it has made its impact and there is no doubt why. From the faculty to the facilities, from the friendly seniors to the even friendlier dogs. This college really has it all. In just a short span of 5 months I’ve experienced more ups and downs here than in my entire life before college started. Law school is an amalgamation of school and college. The pressure of the professional degree is somewhat similar to the pressure in school just ten folds however, the carefree attitude that comes with being in college is also constantly present. One learns to actually juggle both or at least tries. When to study, when to party, when to volunteer and when to moot. A Law student’s life revolves around finding the correct answer to these questions. I’m still a dilettante and therefore, cannot share any tricks of the trade here.

Everyone at NLU, Delhi seems like a genius. From the students that you meet to the commendable faculty. The faculty is experienced and well-learned and therefore, they expect a lot in return from the students for the efforts they themselves put in. Classes are from 9am to 4pm with tea and lunch break in between. They are hectic and soon waking up for a 9am class seems next to impossible. The expectations are high, there is no doubt about that, but it just pushes you to achieve more and more. To put in more effort and hours to finally reach the level where you say you couldn’t have possibly done more. Now, reaching that final stage is never easy and there are always a few bumps on the road. There is no one better to deal with these roadblocks or breakdowns than your seniors. Seniors at NLU, Delhi do not believe in ragging they believe in helping you get through this crazy, difficult and complicated maze called Law School. NLU, Delhi has this unique concept of B.O.B- Buddy Over Batch. Basically, every senior in each year with the same roll number as yours is your B.O.B or mentor. These people will be your guides and maps.  They pass down their books, they tell you what to study, where to order food from, they pull you back up, they help with your break downs and most importantly they understand. In short, they get you through law school. Through the B.O.B concept, you get a chance to interact easily with a few seniors at first when you are terrified to even make eye contact with them. My seniors truly are my guardian angels. There are in fact specific mentors that can help with the projects or moots. Mooting is the prized co-curricular activity that everyone must experience in law school. One’s law school journey is incomplete without mooting. NLU, Delhi has a high budget for moots and finances all the moot related expenditure. Baby IMS or Intra Batch Internal Moot Selection is an exclusive mooting experience for the first years to introduce them to the concept of mooting. This is one thing that we can only do in our first year and I am proud to have participated in it. I met amazing people through it and also got closer to people from my own batch.

At NLU, Delhi there is immense pressure to perform and it is not just external pressure. Everyone here wants to achieve the best and make the most of the various opportunities this college provides us. However, to help us ease the burden we celebrate every festival in college. Starting with the Talent Hunt for the first years then to the Fresher’s then to Dandiya, Diwali and Halloween and finally end the odd semester with the Christmas Ball. These festivities help us enjoy life at NLU, Delhi.

The air conditioned Academic Block and soon to be air-conditioned rooms also help us bear the summer heat and grunt of law school.

Library, definitely, became my safe haven. It’s not a place to just study but to watch movies and even fall asleep on the tables. It’s about working and then convincing a friend to take a break and walk till Amul. Amul is also the go to place when you’re hungry: chocolates, maggi, tea and chips. You get everything there.

The campus itself is compact but well-built and taking rounds around the campus soon becomes everyone’s favourite pass time. Evening is about sports and there are many different leagues that one can join. Basket ball, football, badminton, you name it and there will be people playing it. It is not the state of the art sports complex but enough to get by.

It was a lot of telling myself to get through one more week but the support system at NLU, Delhi in the form of faculty, seniors, batch mates and even a college counselor help us realize that with every passing week we are becoming stronger and more responsible.

First semester at NLU, Delhi for me was full of red bull, chai, great people and fond memories.

All in all, I have to say I have grown more as a person in the last 5 months than I have in the last 5 years. NLU, Delhi forces you to grow up and take charge, it is not the smoothest of journeys but it is an unforgettable one. I can’t wait for what the next four and a half years have in store for me. I am really glad that I chose this college.

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