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Sneak Peek: Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow

RMLNLU has top notch infrastructural facilities. One could say that infrastructure is one of the best things about RMLNLU. University has Centrally Air Conditioned Administrative Block, Academic Block, Library, Moot Court Hall, and Conference Hall. Students are provided with 24 hour Power backup and campus wide internet access. Sports facilities available in the university are adequate. University is also equipped with a gymnasium and a Swimming Pool. Apart from these facilities, campus, in general, is very green which makes the campus visually pleasing. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with mess facilities. While hostels aren’t Air Conditioned, they are still quite comfortable. Students are allowed to keep desert coolers in their rooms. Sanitation is taken care of and there are workers who clean up bathrooms and hostels on a regular basis. There is a cafeteria in the campus which adjoins three grocery shops. These shops provide basically almost everything a student needs in day to day life. University is located in South-West Lucknow which is roughly 7 kilometers from Lucknow (Charbagh) Railway Station and 3 kilometers from Lucknow Airport. The colony where the university is located is very decent and has got pretty much every essential store, including big departmental stores (Big Baazar and Vishal Mega Mart) and fast food outlets (Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC, MacDonald’s). Nearby, is a mall which includes a  PVR multiplex and shopping outlets which are decent enough.

The university has more than 30 permanent full time faculties. Quality of faculties is decent in general. Some of the faculties are really great at what they do, while there are some who are not so good at their subjects. However, all of them are really cooperating except an individual or two which I think is the case at every other national law university and isn’t a factor that you should really base your choice upon. Administration too, is cooperating. They may not bring reforms to make things in the university better themselves, but demands of students are usually listened and taken care of. There have been instances where the demands weren’t being paid attention to, as a result, the student community stalled the academic classes by protesting and got the proper steps being fulfilled by a not so benevolent administration.

Also , the university puts a heavy emphasis on co-circular activities and encourages students to excel in mooting, debating and other such activities. There are separate committees that regulate co-curricular activities (Moot Court Committee for Mooting and Debate and Discussion Committee for Debating). People who go for mooting or debating through college are reimbursed and also get the much required attendance for fests as well. MUNing is not so popular among students but there are people who engage themselves in it. University recently organized a Model United Nations Conference which was a huge success. The culture for mooting and debating isn’t the best that you’d find in comparison to the top tier NLU’s but there are enough opportunities being provided and given the will to excel, there are enough resources along-with guidance (which also includes an amazing alumni network) available which should take you through the hurdles that one can imagine of.

There is a dedicated committee for sports in the university. This committee regulates sports in the university and organises RMLNLU’s Annual Sports Fest (Aavahan). University provides adequate sports facilities. Campus has a football ground, a basketball court, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a badminton court and a swimming pool. University also provides for the sports equipment for some sports (basketball, volleyball and football). The facilities provided may not be top notch but they are decent enough and well maintained. Students too, actively participate in these sports and have been doing great in various inter-university Sports competitions across the county. The fact that RMLNLU was a overall winner at ‘Virudhaka’, sports fest of NLIU, Bhopal is enough a testimony to the sporting atmosphere at the university.

There is a good rapport among the juniors with seniors in the college and they stay in same hostels. The overall environment is very conducive for the growth of an individual and there is a certain level of ‘positive interaction’ which does take place. It isn’t something which any aspirant should be worried about as it is the ice-breaking which I feel is very essential for a fresher to get acquainted to the college culture after coming out of the school mode in the transition period to be able to survive and do well in the university. This phase of ‘positive interaction’ usually stays for not more than a month after the initial introduction of the whole batch and post this, there’s an amazing freshers’ which is thrown by the immediate seniors which to a certain extent does compensate for all those ice-breaking sessions.

RMLNLU has a committee called Internship and Placement Committee which handles placements and internships in the college. The committee isn’t very great at what they do and students don’t expect a lot from the committee but at times, they manage to get students good placements and internships which specifically are a boon or students who don’t usually know where to go to and there’s enough effort being taken by the committee to get internships for the deserving students. RMLNLU, in general, is doing satisfactory in terms of placing students. There haven’t been lot high pay recruitments but it has been impressive in terms of consistency where most of the students who sit for placements get one.

After infrastructure, it’s the liberty which students get at RML that separates it from all the other National Law Universities. There’s no barrier to roam around in campus till midnight, there are enough eateries and cafes and bars and lounges available in the city and nearby which are an excellent place to chill. People usually do chose to celebrate and throw parties within the campus itself and if enough caution is taken, it could very well be one of the best destinations to party and chill. There are sports activities on the grounds of IPL in every sport and they are all very entertaining where teams and players are bought by a proper bidding process. Moreover, there’s no dearth of things to make you fly high around the campus and there’s no extra burden of mid-sems which also allow students to take part in a lot of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.  The legal aid clinic of RML does an excellent job at providing free legal service to the needy and it does help students in gaining a first hand knowledge at applying what they study in law.

One of the things which at this point must be brought in notice of the forthcoming students is that there’s no liberty for every individual teacher to set and allocate the marks to a particular activity and there are 10 essential marks for every subject which comprise of attendance and class performance. Which can in no manner be a deal breaker given the superb infrastructure, much required liberty and other felicities which the enables each and every student to have enough exposure to carve themselves in their best possible form.

We’d like to thank Shivam Burghate (Batch 2020, RMLNLU) and Parimal Kashyap (Batch 2021, RMLNLU) for taking out time from their busy schedules and sharing their experiences.

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