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Sneak Peek:- Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University

We had an opportunity to talk to a Student at the Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Prachi Jain. Here is what she has to say about her college:

1 . How is the student life at BHU? What sort of an environment can one find there? How well do the different year students get along with each other?
It’s a privilege if one gets a chance to study at Banaras Hindu University and so is the case with me. Student life in BHU is amazing. Time passes so smoothly and there are lots of things to discover and explore. As law students, we have daily 3-8 classes consisting of 6 lectures and one hour break in between. After the classes, students mostly spend their time in faculty’s library or central library or in the cyber library. We have seminars, debates and extra co-curricular activities organised by the University. The faculty also conducts different competitions for students from time to time. The environment around campus is also nice. Students mostly keep themselves busy in various competitions along with studies.

Our campus is a ragging free campus and there is an anti-ragging squad which takes disciplinary actions against students indulged in these sort of activities. A well-maintained coordination and mutual bonding can be found among seniors and juniors. Seniors are friendly and helpful. Juniors too without any hesitation interact with seniors. And if students face any sort of problems, they directly speak with their coordinator.

Seniors help juniors in all sorts of areas either by providing notes, reading materials or books, or by suggesting them where and how to apply for internships and in which competition to take part, or what opportunities are available for their skill development with their experiences. Students do take part in inter-faculty competitions along with intra-faculty competitions and this way they get the correct platform to sharpen their talent. Various MUNs, Moots, seminars and national debates are organised by the faculty and by the University where students from all over India take part. Apart from studies, students usually like to spend their evenings on Assi Ghat on the bank of river Ganga. There are cultural and religious celebrations like Shree Krishna Janmotsav and Vasant Panchami as University’s foundation day.

2. Can you please tell us something about the college infrastructure?
Infrastructure at Law school, BHU is well organised and student-friendly. Classes are spacious with well-furnished benches. A special seminar hall and a lecture hall are built for eminent people who regularly visit and take seminars. Law School building also has a Moot Hall where National Moot competitions are organised and the judges from Allahabad High Court are invited as jurists. The faculty has a huge library where all sorts of books are available along with a well-equipped computer lab where students usually do their research work. By the end of this year the whole campus will be a Wi-Fi zone so that within the 1300 acres of campus, students can access the internet easily.

3. How would you review the faculty at BHU?
Faculty at Law School is the one of the best and without overrating the teaching, law faculty has some of the best faculties in India. Each faculty is specialised in their field with an experience of 20 years at the least. We have faculties from Harvard and Yale Universities and their teaching method is excellent. From the very first year, students come under the guidance of professors and even the B.A. subject’ s teachers are very much devoted towards their work. Professors are highly devoted and helpful to their students. Teachers, sometimes, provide books and bare acts to students if they find any difficulty in any way. Faculty listens to students’ queries and solves them with maximum help. The professors prepare students for judiciary level exams. Their teaching is great and well-explained. No topic of the syllabus is left unturned. Professors also provide knowledge regarding current affairs and practical knowledge of the law field. If anything which is best in law faculty then it is the experienced and learned professors/faculties of BHU.

4. How have the placements been over the past few years? What are some of the top firms where students have been placed?
The main objective of Law School is to prepare its students for the judiciary and civil exams. Till now no batch has been passed from B.A. LL.B. stream. The senior-most batch will be the fourth batch so I cannot tell you about the placements and firm recruitments as of now. This year from law faculty, 17 students of LL.B. got selected in PCSJ. And as far as placements are concerned students appear in open placement of campus and when the fifth year will be passed, surely the students will get placed in top firms as they are preparing since the very start. Although placement cell is working and hopefully they will do their best to get us placed.

5. What is the admission procedure for getting into BHU?
BHU conducts its separate entrance exam called UET & PET and for getting admission in Law School, it is called BLAT (BHU Law Admission Test). BLAT consists of 150 questions which include negative marking of minus 1 for each wrong answer and plus 3 for each correct answer totalling up to 450 marks. The total number of seats are 60 excluding the seats reserved for employee ward. The exam is held in the third week of May and in the month of June, results get declared. Students have to wait for their call letter to become the part of counselling and once the counselling is done, Rs 60,000 (for one year) has to be paid by the student on the assigned date to lock his/her seat. Once the admission procedure is over, commencement of classes starts accordingly. Students also get the hostel facility on merit basis.

6. Do you have any criticisms or approbations about your college?
Firstly, I would like to share approbations about my college. Law faculty at BHU has been doing quite well in the recent years. Faculty and staff are very helpful to students. BHU is a centrally approved University and established by an act of Parliament. This distinguishes it from the National Law Universities which were recognised through the act of state legislature. BHU’ s campus is the main key that attracts the students. The University campus is about 1300 acres. It is also Asia’ s largest residential University and is located in the center of the city. The environment of University is very peaceful and tranquil. It is just a separate world for students. The roads inside the University are clean and good, pathways are covered by the trees planted a century ago. This makes the University a healthy place in the greenery of nature.

In the centre of the University, the Birla Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located which attracts and connects the students with the peace of mind and sense of one’s faith. BHU has its separate pond in the campus. University provides ample of opportunities to students. Apart from the law in the time span of 5 years students can pursue a different certificate or diploma courses in different fields whether it be a foreign language or yoga or dance, singing, swimming, etc. Also, helps students by providing them overall development through their social development by training programmes under NCC and NSS.Law faculty has opened its legal aid clinic and has been serving the poor people at free of cost. If any student faces any kind of problem he/she can directly approach the vice chancellor.

Law faculty has opened its legal aid clinic and has been serving the poor people at free of cost. If any student faces any kind of problem he/she can directly approach the vice chancellor.
Coming to the criticism part about my college, in my opinion, I would say that little appreciation is given to the college which makes it not to the point. Exposure to the corporate world is given quite less, and the college mainly focuses on training students for the judiciary and other civil examinations. Which make students think it is not up to the level of NLUs. Apart from this, infrastructure may disappoint you a little because it’s a very old University which is trying to incorporate its antiquity with modernity.

7. Anything else you’d like to share?
Yes, I’d like to share my personal experience at BHU.
At first, when I got admission in BHU, I wasn’t quite happy because my mind was set for NLUs. But through the time, I have learnt a lot and I have lived a lot right here and I am so glad now that I chose BHU over other colleges. I recommend people to go for BHU. Its friendly and the beautiful campus makes me feel at home. I believe, everything happens for a reason, you might not know what the reason is, but when it is finally revealed, it will blow you away and believe me whatever you will get to enjoy in BHU and Varanasi you will not get anywhere else because it is said that once you live in Banaras, you get lost in Banaras because Banaras is not a city, it’s a feeling.

We’d like to thank Prachi Jain (Batch of 2021, Faculty of Law Banaras Hindu University )  for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences.

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