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Sneak Peek: Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Punjab (RGNUL)

It’s been almost a year now since our batch first stepped in RGNUL. Who can forget entering the main gate during the time of admission, getting mesmerised by the charm of the campus. The questioning mind will always think that our Prospectus was exaggerating the beauty of our campus due to good photography, but your expectations will not be shattered. The uncannily symmetrical architecture coupled with all the facilities you would want for the coming 5 years (including AC hostels) and of course, the infamous hospitality of Punjabis made us feel good about the college.

Infrastructural superficiality aside, what else does RGNUL offer? There’s no denial everyone wishes to get into the top NLUs but does RGNUL fails to satisfy our aspirations at any level?

We would say absolutely NOT.

Although people do take CLAT again to get into the top NLUs, but that is a highly personal choice, your career does not end if you don’t get the so-called “Top 5”. A lot of prospective juniors will rely on placements statistics and choose their college, and I would recommend, don’t. Despite our seniors getting placed at places which even you uninitiated would-be law students have heard of and others also placed at reputed firms etc. that does not mean you would too. The same applies to getting admission in a so-called “Top 5” NLU.

We would not boast about our largest library (by what metric, I forgot, despite or VC mentioning that a million times in the first week of college) or the amazing gym and outdoor sports facilities, because when you see the campus you would be awestruck by them anyway.

RGNUL will give you a lot of good memories but instead of ranting about our memories, let us guide you towards making your own. To keep this article concise and informative it will focus on things which freshmen are mostly curious to know about.

First things first how is life at RGNUL?

Life in RGNUL cannot at all be called hectic. It’s pretty chill and manageable and one could easily take out the “ME” time he or she wants. It is one of the few premier institutions which allow you to set your own pace to excel.

Although the lecture timings are hectic, the syllabus also at least for the first year is quite easy and trouble-free. After the college hours one can go for the parliamentary debate sessions conducted by the seniors if interested or could play a variety of sports available, could go to the gym or could simply hangout at the nearby dhabas (or do all of the above like most do). The ones who prefer studying can go to the library, which is a feast for the bookworm. Our college’s various Centres and Committees keep on hosting quizzes, MUNs and even fun-filled fests like “Dakshini”  “Spandan” & also “Prom Night”.

The college is huge and you’ll realize it every morning when you have to walk from the hostels to the academic block on the way of which the architect in you would not refrain from suggesting ideas as to how the college could have been built. The academic block is huge again and you’ll realize this when searching for your allotted class during the exams. The classes are spacious and comfortable and are fitted with everything you would want. The hostels which are where you’ll be most of the time are not bad at all. The mess is separate for boys and girls in their respective hostels (bummer, we know) and the food is mess food (do we need to say more?) but then we have a lot of alternatives, we have two canteens in boy’s hostel which remain open till 1 am and the time gets extended during the exams. There’s one canteen in girl’s hostel and then there’s one in the academic block which remains open till 10 pm, one can also order food, from outside by calling the respective outlet (from pizza to butter chicken to paneer, you get them all).

Talking about the teachers it’s the same as anywhere else, some are really good and some are not. To rate the faculty, above average would be a suitable title. There are various committees which function in the college like cultural, sports, literary and debating etc and there are various research cells and centres too which are sought after. The mooting scene in the college is very active and is taken seriously, and is improving by time (refer to MPL of LegallyIndia to check). Further, we have orientation classes taken by seniors who teach us about all the intricacies relating to mooting, research paper writing etc. The seniors here are really helpful, you can go to them regarding anything and they would be happy to help, also usually seniors and juniors share a really friendly relationship here.

Talking about location, RGNUL is situated a bit far from the city centre and takes about 15-20 mins to reach Patiala from the college, however, transportation is not an issue since you can always find autos outside the main gate which are stationed there for the service of students. Although Patiala isn’t a big city but gives you a good number of options to eat or order food from which you can also get delivered in the college, as mentioned before. However, potatoes will potate about how there are not many places to chill. Patiala is however very close to Chandigarh so you can go anytime you wish.

It’s also very close to the mountains so you can easily go on a quick tour on weekends to Shimla, Kasol etc.

Overall RGNUL is a great place to be in, you may, however, find yourself needing to adjust a bit, but that’s pretty much the case everywhere. We are sure you’ll love RGNUL and the people here.

See you soon, juniors!

We’d like to thank Nikhil Bhatt (Batch 2021, RGNUL) and Suprateek Neogi (Batch 2021, RGNUL) for taking out time from their busy schedule and sharing their experiences.

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One thought on “Sneak Peek: Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Punjab (RGNUL)

  1. Bonkers! The mess food is, if not great, decent. You get whatever you in whichever way you want. The mess guys were the chillest and ensured that everyone was happy.

    Faculty is below average. Nowhere near average. The so called ‘good’ teachers are at best average. People might be well read but definitely not ‘above average’ teachers.

    An important point which the guys missed out on is the unfathomably indifferent and unfriendly administration. Can’t really blame them though. Every time students get an opportunity to prove them wrong, they do something because of which they prove them right. Eg. Dakshini.

    Faculty is below average. Nowhere near average. The so called ‘good’ teachers are at best average. People might be well read but definitely not ‘above average’ teachers. All said and done, a law student who minds his job, does well. All professors are extremely friendly, helpful and resourceful. Even though they are of no help to the average Joe who would rather text during class but needs them most, they can help the smart ones by guiding them.

    The place is bliss. If I had to choose among any NLU other than top 5, it’d always be RGNUL. This place develops your analytical skills, polishes your communication skills and develops your social skills.

    P.S. the canteens are open till 12 during normal days and 1-2 am during exams.

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