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Uncertainity and False perceptions- Symbiosis Law School, Pune

CLAT is one of the most uncertain competitive exams in the country and the same is evidenced by the papers of the previous years. This time, I was really happy with my performance as I was stepping out of examination hall. I was pretty certain that as per the trend, I’d easily get into the top 7 NLUs. Eventually, results came out and I could see disappointment in everyone’s eyes. People were cursing the organizers, making all the efforts to look for the options left with me. With a drop year in my bag, the weight was heavier to carry with previous year’s disappointment and a decent score of 87% in boards, which was not sufficient to get me into GLC or ILS. With all odds against me, I was sweating bullets due to this uncertainty. Eventually, I had 3 private universities in my list, Symbiosis Law School (Pune), NIRMA University (Ahmedabad) both for Law and NMIMS for BBA Program (I kept it as a backup).

Now I had to choose between three of them. 1) Waiting for the Symbiosis results for the Interview, 2) Going for the counseling of NIRMA University, 3) Appearing for the counseling sessions of NMIMS. So, appearing for the counseling of both the colleges while waiting for the results seemed to be the best option.Eventually, NMIMS was stricken off the list and I decided to pursue law only, left with 2 options. Though one of my friends asked me to join NIRMA after telling about all the pros and cons of the same, which was a decent option, something inside me wanted to take me to Pune, unable to comprehend the reasons for the same.

A friend of mine, who is good at academics, texted me and informed me about the Results for interviews and she being waitlisted. My heart sank as I realized that if she is waitlisted, it raises a question on my selection as well. I checked the results and tears rolled out. Symbiosis, Pune it was for me. Another battle of convincing people around me to send me to pune was still remaining.

Symbi has this image of spoiling people (with all the negative publicity that media has bestowed on the institute) and all the parents dread the same. They preferred sending me to Ahmedabad. Once I convinced them and reached Pune, all there notions were turned out to be wrong. Symbiosis, in my opinion, has a hyped negative imaged which is not the case in reality. Pune is a classic city and provides you ample places for parties and hangouts. It has good malls, nice food outlets and many more things. Plus compared to many other cities of the country it is arguably one of the safest cities of India.

Earlier, Symbiosis Law School used to share the same campus with Symbiosis Campus (BBA.). But from last year, it have its own campus. We have a world-class library which is truly breathtaking and the college takes loads of initiatives to make it better. Further, the college have its own gym and recreation center in its campus, which provides free facilities to all the symbians. The canteen offers a range of economical, delicious and mouth-watering food. The college provides the hostel facilities to girls only, and there’s no accommodation facility for boys from the college side.

When I reached Pune, it took me three days to find a flat for myself. Finding flats or hostels here in Pune is hell lot a tedious task in itself. I managed to rent out a decent 1 BHK flat for myself. This very thing brings the college on backfoot. However, the college provides students with a list of brokers, which in turn helps the students in finding a suitable accommodation.

Beginning weeks ran in a craze with such a large number of orientations going around, nothing that could help you a considerable measure on the grounds that as an individual, you need to investigate and become more acquainted with what premiums you and how things go around in the grounds. However, in my personal opinion, these orientations were not helpful, as they all had the same things that were mentioned in these sessions. Mooting here is promoted by our seniors and it helps you a ton in interfacing with those seniors and sharpen your aptitudes towards that matter. However, I had no idea about moot court sessions, and found myself to be a dumbhead in mooting sessions. While others knew pretty much about it, I had no fucking idea about any of these LAW SCHOOL THINGS. Although, I managed to score decent marks in the 1st Moot competition, but they were not enough to get me through the researcher’s test. Besides this, Symbiosis offers you numerous clubs to advance yourself in various fields such as Student’s Bar Association, Placement Cell, Human Rights Cell, Sports Cell, International Human Rights Cell, etc.

We have an intra-college fest, SYMPTOMS, in the month of September, for three days after college hours. The fest is exclusively organized for the first year students by the seniors to help the freshers in acclimatization and to find a break from the monotonous schedule. I too had a chance of participating in it and I enjoyed a lot. My favorite events were face painting and business ideas. I stood second in the area of business ideas. In the face painting event, I got my face painted as the world-famous villain, JOKER. Although I didn’t win any prize, but people got me like anything to get their photos clicked. This year, SYMPTOMS, was a great success, followed by the curtain raiser of SYMBHAV, 2017, which is an inter-college fest, organized by Student Advisory Board of Symbiosis Law School. You can go and watch the after movies of previous years’ Symbhav fest that are available on Youtube.
Faculty and teaching methods here are good. We have a total of 7 subjects, which include English, Torts and MV Act, Jurisprudence, History and Sociology plus two internals subjects, namely Ethics and Fundamentals of IT. The faculty is good and use interactive tools for teaching purpose. However the teaching methods for Jurisprudence is not upto the mark and you need to work hard to excel in it.

Night Life in Pune is best. I’ve attended all sorts of parties here. By all sorts I think you got what I’m talking about. We roam around here in Pune, late in the night. We go on Tapris, this is what they call a tea-stall, and have some tea, in the chilling nights. Night life in pune is pretty chill, and you can find out many Symbi students roaming around, no matter what time of the night it is.

Lastly, talking about the nightmare of every fresher, RAGGING, is prohibited in the campus of Symbiosis Law School, Pune. I too was very tensed about it but on the first day itself, we were told that neither we need to call our seniors as BHAIYA/DIDI/SIR/MADAM, (they asked us to call them by their names), nor are we forced to wish them every time we come across our seniors. Seniors in Symbiosis Law School, Pune are pretty chill and does not promote any kind of RAGGING.

In short, you’ll come across various kinds of people in Symbiosis Law School, cunning, rich spoiled brats, helpful, party animals, bookworms, etc. All of them are present in the same place. All you need is to choose the right set of people who are the same as you are. I will advise you not to trust people too early as I made the same mistake. The consequences were not so harsh, but luck cannot be the same all the time. It took me whole of the first semester to find friends whom I can proudly refer to as MY PEOPLE. Symbiosis will provide you with hell lot of opportunities, which I think many of the NLUs can’t. Even if Symbiosis is a private University, it gives you the same exposure (or I would say even better in case of some NLUs) as that of the NLUs. If you choose the right track, no one can stop you from conquering the zenith at the end of 5 years.

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