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There is time for everything: Life at RMLNLU

The moment one enters the campus it feels like a place to have a weekend getaway, all the lush green trees, gardens and maintained roads and the aura suggests that only but still the truth remains the same of spending 5 years at the place Studying Law. The college founded in 2006 has been one of the institutions with one of the best infrastructural facilities, ranging from Air Conditioned and well-equipped lecture halls and classrooms to a technologically advanced Madhu Limaye Library which is open till midnight.

Firstly talking about the Sports Facilities, the University offers an Olympic size Swimming Pool, A football field which also includes the cricket pitch. An indoor Badminton Court with Table Tennis too. There is a synthetic Tennis Court, Basketball Court and a Volleyball Court also. All the sports are given attention by the student-run Sports Committee. The Sports Fest “AAVAHAN” happens in the month of February. The Gym was constructed recently replacing the older one which also includes a jogging track. There is a lot of time available for physical activity and one can play multiple sports too.

The Campus is spread over 45 acres, which is very clean and well maintained by the authorities, the cafeteria and the shops provide majorly everything one needs for a day to day life. It is located quite centrally in the city unlike other colleges and hence travelling is easy as well as going out to different places as Lucknow is a well-known destination for Non-Vegetarian Food. The V-C Lawn is a large area of greenery where there is a helipad too where mostly one can see a crowd partying.

Talking about Hostels, for Boys there is a double sharing room in the first year and then a single sharing room is allotted till the 5th year. The rooms are quite spacy in terms of single sharing and though not pretty they are still equipped with LAN Routers and High-Speed WiFi. For Girls, it is double sharing till the 4th year and then a single room is allotted in the 5th year. Autonomy in the hostels is a lot and one has majorly no restrictions.

Something which happens with almost every person in the hostels is the usual “interaction” between freshers and senior batches. I remember I was asked to say RMLNLU’s full name in Hindi. I nailed it, I thought in my head. But the fun part was yet to begin. “Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Rashtriya, Vidhi Vishwavidyalaya” is the Hindi term, but how am I supposed to know what the term for “,” and “Dr.” in Hindi? Well yes, They were just testing my wits.

Cut to NLUJ’s fest, NH-65. We were at the after party which went on till 4 AM. I was fast asleep till 6:30 AM while our train was at 7:30. Seniors woke me up and packed my bag. Everyone was in a rush. Still, they managed to take care of my stuff as well. Moments like these help you strengthen your bond with the seniors. Yes, Seniors arguably are the best part of the college life here at RML.

Coming back to giving you a hint of the life at RMLNLU. Here the college is in a shape of  C where both ends are the Girls and Boys Hostels, in the middle consist of Academic Block, Administrative/Faculty Block, Library. Due to absense of Mid-terms, there is a lot of scope for preparing for Competitive Exams like UPSC, Judiciary etc. The environment in terms of Junior- Senior bonding is very easy, one can approach anyone for any help.   The first 2 months happens the positive interaction where it just makes one capable of understanding how the college works and how the law school life is going to be and how to handle it. The new Mentor system has started where according to Roll No.s every student will be allotted a senior for guidance and overall help and support.

Being at RML is for them who want their personal space and time as the curriculum offered is not that stressing, except the Examination and Project Submission time. One can look for them what is best for their needs in every aspect be it Academically of what would suit one in the future, be it in Sports where one can learn so much due to opportunities.

Two major Events hosted by the University are the RML Parliamentary Debate which happens in the month of February and SCC Online Moot Court Competition which happens in the Month of March. The RMLNLU Model United Nations was a big success this year and would be conducted again. A lot of intra competitions happen too like Panenka which is one of a kind Cage Football Match where teams are bought and players are auctioned. 2 Intra Moots happen where the student can check on himself and carve the best out of him for national and international moots. Debates also happen frequently to make the atmosphere always questioning. There are Student-run Autonomous Committees for every sphere to ensure smooth function.

RMLNLU is a complete package of learning with Fun all the year around with not so stressing environment and one mostly falls in love with the place instantly.

We’d like to thank Pranav Bhansali(Batch 2021, RMLNLU) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences. 

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