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This article was written by Shubham Jain (batch 2020) of Institute of Law, Nirma University.

Lately we have been getting loads of queries regarding the hostel facilities at Nirma University so it would only be fair to elaborate on the same and guide all the newcomers.

One of the best options in my opinion is Hiramani Boys Hostel which is just opposite to the Nirma University. Pros and Cons are as follows:-

  1.  Hiramani has got amazing seniors and majority of them will be in 5th year. There are 2 Building Blocks and both of them are good, I personally would recommend the Hospital Block (just a tag, it’s not a real hospital).
  2.  Big ground just outside the buildings where you’ll often find seniors playing football and occasionally other sports as well. The buildings have a good air circulation.
  3.  You are provided with a bed, cupboard, table, chair, sheets for your bed, pillow, free laundry, hot water in the mornings in winters, good parking space for your vehicle and any other repair work or needs you can contact their staff at any time and they’d be happy to help. Oh! yes, they also have an attached bathroom. You are not allowed to use any equipment like iron/heater/hairdryer/induction or anything but still you can sneak it in as many of us do. For internet, you and your roommates have to make your own arrangements. All the rooms have internet facilities from a single provider so that wont be a big problem and it’ll cost you around 800-1000 for 4 months. We stayed out till 11:30-12 at night and didn’t face any major problems except for heckling with guards and requesting them for 2 mins to let us in.
  4.  Most of the seniors (there are about 70-80) at Hiramani are officials and if you do the things right then you have a head start. Which is a big plus point of the hostel and don’t be surprised when you hear people shouting slogans like ‘Hiramani Rocks’ in every other party that the students organize. It becomes your family with all the people living as brothers just because of one tag.
  5. You won’t be provided with a A/C room in the first year itself and a 4 or 3 sharing room will be there. (Yes, the hostel has a high demand because of its location. But trust me, the pain is all worth it.)
  6. If you don’t have a vehicle with you get ready to slim yourself down as you’ll have to walk to the classes and dinner if you don’t get a lift from others. It is 400m. walk just to get out of the hostel.
  7. There are no shops around the hostel except for a Amul dairy so you have to go about half a mile just to get the basic stuff and closest market (Vande Mataram) is about 4-5Kms but don’t worry the transportation felicities are awesome and you’ll get shuttles (shared autos) right outside the campus. They take about 30bucks to drop you to a distance of about 10Km.
  8. The canteen is ridiculous that’s why no one dines there. Everyone goes to the college (get a pass at management mess or eat at Honest for dinner for lunch K canteen is also an option) or a place called Charodi to dine.
  9. There is a limited entry and I guess they wont be providing more than 12 slots for the students this year. So, you’ll have to reach the hostel and book a slot asap. The fee for 4 sharing is around 60k.

Another option available to you is renting a flat anywhere in the City or near the college itself. If you go for a flat nearby I’d recommend you to check Adani Pratam Flats which are just behind the campus. Some of the things about those flats are:-

  1. It is right behind the college which provides easy access to the college and it has a few shops nearby for the things which you use daily.
  2. You’ll have seniors from batch 2020 over there to guide you. Around 30 people from this batch already live there.
  3. There are 1BHK flats available for 6k and 2 BHK is for 8k per month. Rooms are of a decent size. We have 2 people living there in a 2 BHK but if you don’t mind some company, do not take too much space and are a social person I don’t think you’ll have mind sharing your 2BHK with 3 others.
  4. Obviously there are no restriction on entry exit or to put it in a more lucrative way you don’t have any restrictions at all. There are 3 small gardens. Some families also stay there So you’ll see a lot of people roaming around, mostly your seniors so you can socialize well.
  5. From what I’ve heard the size of bathroom is a bit small but I don’t think That’d be a big concern.
  6. The lane which connects the Nirma and Adani is not well-lit and it a total dark patch, but people manage, you’ll get the hang of it after a while.
  7. Internet is provided by the same person who provides services to Heeramani Hostels, you can also buy a wifi dongle if you want.
  8. People residing there usually have their breakfast and lunch at Nirma only but for dinner you have the same options available to those residing in Heeramani.
  9. You will need a 2 or 4 wheeler if you plan to stay there and it’d be better if you get it asap.

Nearest petrol pump is at Gota Chaukri which is about 3km (you’ll be hearing about it a lot in your sociology classes, for no reason at all).

You’ll find major chains like dominoes or subway at a distance of about 5Km and shuttles will take 15 buck per person from if you board right outside Nirma.

One of the most popular choices for the recent batches has been NICM hostels which is situated in Gandhi Nagar. Some of the things about the hostel are as follows:-

  1. It is at a distance of about 10-12 km from the institute and you are provided with bus felicities for transportation.
  2. The hostel is for both, boys and girls. It has got a beautiful campus with greenery and gardens. You’ll find majority of the batch 2020 residing there only (around 80 people). So, that can aid you to be good friends with a lot of seniors!
  3. There is a major market adjacent to the hostel where you’ll find almost everything be it good food, stationary, ATM or anything that you may need. You are provided with One bed,one wardrobe , study table, a balcony, 2 plug points. for wifi you have to pay extra but many students use their own wifi dongle.
  4. NICM does not provide attached bathroom. There are common bathrooms for all.
  5. You’d have to spare about 38k for hostel another 28k for food for transport facilities that take about 12k and another 10k if you want an AC room. So in all you’ll have to spare about 90k. For an amazing social life and beautiful hostel.
  6. The students there often go to visit places. The book a bus and go together. It is real fun to roam around with your buddies around the city and visit new places.
  7. I guess it would be a good option as the seniors who live in NICM and are in the 3rdd year are real good and they’ll be running the college when you’ll be in the second year. So to socialize with them will make things easier for you in the times to come.
  8. Another benefit is that gender is not a bar! You have an ample amount of time to interact with your friends which wont be possible for you if you go to an all boys hostel or all girls hostel. Trust me it is really crucial to have that liberty as you can not stay at college for long and when it comes to group assignments, debates and moots this factor can ease a lot of things for you.
  9. Majority of your batch mates too are going to choose NICM because of the aforementioned factors so it would be a good idea to opt for the same.

These are some of the places I’d recommend you. You may look for PGs or Flats closer to the city. From what I have heard about other popular hostels I would recommend you to avoid Ravi Hostels/Gattu Hostels/Sandeepani Hostels(food factor, though market is close and its closer to Nirma than NICM).

Also, these are my opinions and you are free to go anywhere! The considerations are subjective for all and you may choose where you are going to stay on the basis of your preferences.

Stay glued! More updates coming up!

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