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Sneak Peek: Tamil Nadu National Law School (Ananya Singh, Batch 2022)

It’s been 1 semester since I’ve become a member of the TNNLS family. I cannot forget entering the main gate during the time of spot counselling as I got admission through vacancies. When I started my preparation for CLAT, I had dreamt of getting into NLSIU Bangalore (Like any other CLAT Aspirant), but every time things don’t turn out exactly what you thought them to be. I still remember that day when results were out. I was in Lucknow with my friends, quite excited as I thought of getting into any top 5 NLU’s. But, when I checked out the results. Everything seemed to be blur. I was all in tear, hoping for things to go better till the end. This is exactly what happened when I got admission in TNNLS.

TNNLS campus is on NH45, the campus is about 15 minutes drive from the city. To commute, one can keep their vehicles in the campus. To meet the everyday requirements, we have a shop nearby. Tamil Nadu receives ample rains and that is often accompanied by cool breeze around the campus. It is a treat for any nature lover. Cherry on the cake is lush green trees and the cleanness of the campus is remarkable as well.

Sunrise, here is a pure delight. Our hostel gate opens at 5 AM, get out and experience the beautiful dawn which is bound to fill up any dull soul with enough motivation to face the onslaught by our teachers in the classes! (Chuckles.)  The Classes start at 8:30 AM and barring the days filled with other activities like workshops, orientations, guest lectures etc, we get free at around 3:30 PM. This leaves us with ample time to do whatever academic or co curricular activities we might want to indulge in.  Being a residential university, our teachers are always available to help us with the academics. And the seniors are friendly as well.

Importance of seniors cannot be emphasized more especially when it comes to learning mooting or honing your debating skills. The faculty too, is proactive and is supportive of the cause of overall development. One can see them taking part in various activities with utmost vigor and enthusiasm to aid the students and help them learn. Our Batch is divided into different groups and assigned one professor each, as a mentor. Our mentors guide us on both academic and personal level. We’ve mentor meeting once a week in which we discuss our academic progress, how we can improve our performance and we share our problems. So no matter how big or small the problem is we are never alone.

There are various committees which function in the college like internship and placement, moot court, cultural, sports, debating and photography etc. Further, we have orientation classes taken by seniors who teach us about all the intricacies relating to internships, CV, debating, mooting etc. The seniors here are really helpful, you can go them about anything and they would be happy to help, also usually seniors and juniors share a friendly relationship here.

There are events lined up every week along with all the academic and co-curricular activities which keep us busy and engaged throughout the year. So, there is a lot to learn here. This helps us in grooming up in our fields of interest. Environment of the college is very healthy and friendly. Library is huge and has a comprehensive arsenal of books and other such study material that a law student may need.

It has been a memorable experiences in TNNLS. From those morning lecture rushing to urkund, plagiarism tests, everything is fun over here. One can find their own pros and cons of being in TNNLS. But for sure, one can have great developing experience with college developing at a very high phase. Also, it will give a lot of good memories for lifetime.

We’d like to thank Ananya Singh (Batch 2022, TNNLS) for taking out time from her busy schedule and sharing her experiences.

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