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We have one batch of Seniors, they try their best to help us: Garvish Dosi (MNLU, Nagpur | Batch of 2022)

Moving from high school to college is a crucial stage and the decision needs to be taken very cautiously. I went through a lot of confusion when I was at this stage last year. After the CLAT ranks were released, I was in a fix. I had quite a few options at hand including INLU, DSNLU, TNNLS and MNLU Nagpur. After a few weeks of commencement of college, I also got selected for HNLU and NLUO through vacancies. Most of the online law blogs suggested opting for a private university rather than a lower NLU. After a lot of thinking and consultations, I opted for MNLU Nagpur.

My journey so far has been nothing less than great. We have been given comfortable accommodation in apartments as our campus is under construction. The premises are spacious and clean. There is a provision of reading rooms in the hostels which may be used even during night hours with special permission. Apart from this, the university also arranges for a bus towards the city every two weeks. The university is housed in a comfortable building in Mihan and a fully air-conditioned campus. Since the campus is a little far from the country, the university arranges for bus trips twice or thrice a month. Initially, I was sceptical regarding my choice, as we did face some problems. One of the major problems was the dearth of books in the library and online databases. However, I was amazed at how supportive the faculty and the administration has been. Books were ordered and brought in immediately after the requirement was reported. Online databases too were provided within a few weeks after joining. Another problem was that we had only one batch of seniors, however they helped us through this journey and the faculties filled in the gap as mentors for both the batches. In the first semester we did face a lot of difficulties in our hostels due to the recent shift in the campus. However, none of the problems were ignored and were responded to as soon as possible.

The University has a close proximity with the Nagpur high court bench and we have time to time interactions with eminent judges as well as professors from other NLUs. This year we interacted with Hon’ble Justice Chellameshwar (judge SC), Mohan Peiris (former chief justice of Sri Lanka), Dr. Ranbir Singh (VC NLUD), and many others.

With regard to academics, we have erudite and experienced professors who are very approachable and work wholeheartedly towards the subjects and the students. Most of the professors have over 5 to 10 years of teaching experience in other law universities. Some have even practised before teaching, thus adding to their rich knowledge. There is a strict check on plagiarism and only original work is recognised in research projects.

Even with strict academics, the university spares time for recreations. The university encourages co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like moot court competitions, debates, conferences, sports meets and cultural programs. Showing encouragement and support, the university refunds the entire expenses of travelling and registrations incurred during these activities, a policy that is not popular in all universities, including some NLUs. Due to this encouragement, the students participated in numerous competitions. The teams brought laurels despite the fact that the teams comprised of only 1st-year and 2nd-year students competing against students of the 3rd and 4th year of other colleges.

The University encourages students to participate in the working of the university. The students are organised into committees and each committee takes care of different portfolios like academics, moot courts and debates, internships, sports, cultural activities, mess and hostels. The students discuss the problems as well as solutions through these committees, making it a student-oriented culture.

Throughout my journey in NLU Nagpur, I had the assistance of my seniors. Even though we have just one batch of seniors, they still try their best to help us. There are strict rules against ragging or any sort of bullying and there has been no case of either in the university. We hope to continue the same healthy environment.

The students as well as the faculty and administration work day in day out to establish a culture fit for good legal learning at the same time accommodating some recreational activities. With a rich legal history, Nagpur provides a good platform for enhancing our culture.

We’d like to thank Garvish Dosi (Batch of 2022, MNLU Nagpur) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences with all of us. 

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