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Is it worth it? Yes it is. (MNLU, Nagpur)

Hailing from a lawyer’s family and continuing the family legacy it was only fair to dream of getting into a National Law University to pursue law.  Before getting an admission in MNLU Nagpur, I was in Nirma University as suggested by my mentors who rated ILNU above many lower NLUs. They said that ILNU has good teaching methodology as compared to lower NLUs, but only after getting admitted in ILNU, I learned that all of this was a hoax. Sadly, I learned the significance of an NLU. After consultation with some of my friends, mentors, and family members, I left ILNU for NLUJAA. At NLUJAA, I started suffering from some ailments and at the same time, I was trying to cope up with the food culture of Assam.  I  finally got a confirmation from MNLU Nagpur after further consultation, I left for MNLU, Nagpur. Filled with excitement, enthusiasm coupled with fear and uncertainty I entered the university, but eventually, I realized that it was one of the best decisions.

As I anticipated all the students had to work a lot and had to cope up a lot of problems as it was the youngest NLU with no recognition. Initially, we faced a lot of problems as the institute started functioning shortly after it was proposed. Presently, our University is functioning at Judicial Officers Training Institute that is located in Civil Lines area and our hostels are at Pre-IAS Training Centre which is located in the heart of the city. And our permanent campus is in the stage of construction which will be situated in Waranga village in Nagpur.

Our permanent campus will spread across 65 acres with the modern infrastructural designs.  In the first 2 months of the academic year, some students suffered due to jaundice because of inadequate water facility but it got improved as new water coolers and purifiers were installed just after the cases of jaundice were found. Moreover, we suffered due to the absence of seniors as seniors are the one work as mentors and guide us with extra-curricular activities. To counter this the University tried its level best and left no stone unturned to provide us the proper guidance through workshops, symposiums and through online and video conferences.

MNLU Nagpur is an institute that believes in the concept that a University is what its students are and that the institute’s success or failure depends on its students. The administration has worked in all possible ways to pave the road to our success. We had been provided with a good platform for research with access to the library of JOTI as well as our own library which has numerous books, journals, manuscripts and as a part of other research facilities we have been provided with various online databases including Westlaw and AIR. And apart from this, we have various research center’s in our university including the center for child right, IPR, corporate law and environmental law.

Most importantly we have been provided with a good faculty that includes highly qualified faculty from NLUs and other leading universities across India. We also have various guest faculties from Top NLUs and renowned universities. MNLU Nagpur in its first year had signed 3 MoU’s with NLUD, NLSIU and RGNUL and much more is yet to come. We all at MNLU Nagpur have seen a lot of visits in our university whether it be a Supreme Court Judge or Judges of the other countries. Many distinguished personalities have visited our university since its inception. Judges from Supreme Court and High Courts, Tribunals, Government Pleaders, Senior Associates of law firms, Former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Vice Chancellor of other top NLU’s and other universities.

In its first year, MNLU Nagpur had sent 10 teams for moot court competitions and bagged numerous prices.  Since our University’s beginning, we have created our hegemony in the Nagpur University and its affiliated colleges. We have won various debates, crosswords, quiz competitions of Nagpur University. We have also won debate competition organized by Nagpur Bench of Bombay HC and a Debate Competition held by All India Reporter (AIR).

We have been provided with very good hostels with all amenities like water coolers with RO, Washing Machines, Geysers, and Rooms are spacious with separate bathrooms for each room with double occupancy. We have been provided with provided T.V. Table tennis and a whole of sports and gym facilities.

Apart from this, we at MNLU Nagpur in our 1st year had however managed to organize our first Sports event “SPORTACUS 2K17” and ethnic day “SANSKROTSAV 2K17”. And we are also going to organize a WIPO SUMMER SCHOOL on intellectual property under the aegis of World Intellectual Property Organization in November 2017. And have also organized seminars on child rights.  And adding up the essence we set up a legal aid clinic in our university that had successfully organized various legal aid camps.

That’s all friends we here at MNLU Nagpur have tried to develop a culture that will be beneficial for all of us. A hectic schedule of 7 hrs drains our energy but still we manage to add up a little fun in our life through various functions and refreshing activities. Nagpur itself have been a hub for legal education from centuries works as a great platform for all of our activity.

We’d like to thank Sarvesh Gavane(Batch 2021, MNLU, Nagpur) for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his experiences.

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4 thoughts on “Is it worth it? Yes it is. (MNLU, Nagpur)

  1. Well sarvesh I must say you have crafted an intensely personal and conversational genre which has been preferred the literary and practical mode for admission to MNLU Nagpur. This essay catches the glimpses of the time and effort we have in schedule and college life. Exam candidates must be in a wistful longing for the admission to our great university which is professing the great career.

    I share the same views​ Sarvesh.

  2. I agree.. And that said….MNLU Nagpur is one of the few or I would rather say one of the only universities in India to have achieved so much in just one year. The university has performed par excellence with almost 75% of the batch going for moot court competitions and representing the university at the national level along with other students winning debate and other competitions in the first year itself and that too whilst competing with seniors of other national law schools.

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